• I originally thought that the one shot attack meant you roll one dice and only one dice at the beginning of the amphib assault. But I was just reading the rules clarification given by milton and it seems as though you can roll one dice for every single enemy you are attacking, so like 5 dice if there are 5 inf. Which way is the correct way?

  • The rule clarifications say that each battleship gets one and only one shot-not one shot per defender. I don’t know how many games I’ve messed up because I misread the rules, I hate it.

  • So basically if I had 2 battleships supporting an amphib assault and there were 5 defenders, I would get to roll 10 dices !!??

  • No, you would get to roll two dice. One shot per battleship. Not one shot per defender. you get to roll two dice for your two battleships for the entire battle.

  • Thanks, misread your post :oops:

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