• I found a strategy for Germany that actually got me to win. 😮

    The main idea of this strategy is to destroy Russia.  Once they are gone, it’s pretty much over for everyone else.  Our rules for this game were: No convoys, take the convoy points off of countries points (except for Uk, only lower 5), only able to build on ICs, and battleships can only attack on amphibius assults.

    Turn 1: Start off by building 8 tanks.  For your attacks: take out russia’s fleet, the strait of gibraltor, Uk’s transports that aren’t protected by a battleship, and americas fleet.  And that’s just sea!  Next Use your forces on the eastern front to destroy all of the purple countries (inbetween red and tan).  Non combat a lot of forces to the eastern fronts.  You should be right on Lenningrads doorstep now.  Also noncombat 2 units over to africa for some extra help.  Place your tanks on Germany to move towards Russia.

    Hopefully you’ve taking out Americas navy, now it should slow them down and buy you some time.

    Turn 2: Buy as many tanks as you can.  Try and take out Lenningrad’s forces and take it for one turn at least.  If belorussia or any other countires are weak attack them and get the money.  Keep some subs on Americas and Russia’s sea so they can’t build and start moving the other subs to great britain to attack that battleship.  Use your battleship/destroy in the strait of gibraltor to head back towards great britains other ships near africa.  Place your tanks in Lenningrad if you’ve taken it to get a foot hold.

    If great britain tries to launch an amphibous assult use planes to take them out!  Make sure they don’t land.

    Turn 3: Buy more tanks (if you can’t see the pattern yet).  You might have lost Lenningrad but that’s ok, because that means that he is spreading his forces.  Use your units in finland if they’re still there to move north of lenningrad, it should hopefully be mostly unaccupied becuase of Lenningrad.  Use your southern european forces to move along the black sea to stalingrad.  you won’t be able to reach it this turn but now russia has to worry about two fronts.  keep moving forces towards the eastern and western front (mostly eastern).  Place your forces in Lenningrad or germany if you’ve lost it.

    Keep this plan up of alternating attacks on lenningrad and stalingrad so they spread out.  If your forces above lenningrad haven’t been lost, which hopefully they haven’t because they’ve been worrying about their ICs, move into the IC above moscow.  Once russia is gone, the game is basically yours.  Start moving your some forces into the middle east to finish it off and the rest back towards germany and norway.  After you’ve secured your IC’s start building subs, they can strike twice a turn.

    Try this idea, it worked for me because america lost turns trying to gain their sea back.

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