• okay what do you think of this japanese army. this is if you were going to face america.(anti shreman) this is just an idea for one.
    Imperial Sergeant
    Arisaka Rifle X3
    SNLF Fanatics X2
    Type 1 Ho-Ni
    Type 95 Ha-Go X3
    SNLF Captain
    Type 92 Machine-Gun Team x2
    Type 89 Mortar
    total: 14 units 9+3x3+2x7+12+3x9+6+2x7+9=100

  • okay this is one for if your agianst china only 1939 units are used. i would like to hear any suggestions on how to make it better.
    the ha gos are to try to overrun the chinease tanks and then they can help (if they surrive) with the infantry. the rifleman supported with the 2 sergs should slaughter the chinese infantry-they can’t do too much oabout the advance. the mortar is to help where ever it is need switching from AI to AT and back.
    Imperial SergeantX2
    Arisaka Rifle X5
    Type 95 Ha-Go X4
    SNLF Captain
    Type 89 MortarX2
    Type 92 Machine-Gun Team
    total 15 units, 9x2+3x5+9x4+6+9x2+7=100 pts

  • 2007 AAR League

    Get a HO-NI in there.

  • @ezto:

    Get a HO-NI in there.

    why are they better than the Ha-GO. the Ha-Go look like they wouold be better. faster cheaper and better AI(not that important htough). the ha-go could swarm the enemy whil the ho ni has to postion it self to attack beacuse it has no turrent. never played so this is just speculation.

  • 2007 AAR League

    It hits weak tanks from a distance and destroys them. They are basically strong japanese artillery. You could overwelm enemy tanks with the HA-GO, but will never destroy an easy 8 or something better.

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