• This mapboard modification has been kicked around on some other boards for a while.  Thought I’d post a link here to see what everyone thought.

    This modified map changes a lot of things I thought were missing in the original AAE mapboard.  The main thing that needed changing was the limited spaces in Russia.  Then things just kinda took off from there.

    I’ve played this map a few times with different variants as its progressed and it definately makes the game a lot more challenging.

    Here is the link to the map:

    no longer available

    There are also some setups and rules and a 3 meg bitmap which works well when printed out to a plotter.   These are all linked in the thread at AAEuropeMC message board above.

    Feel free to use this map in anyway desired.  I have no interest in making money or distributing copies, and I believe that there are probably copyright infringments that would prevent me from doing so anyway.

    You’ll probably need lots of extra pieces but I imagine that everyone has a copy of the original A&A.  If not then finding extra pieces is very difficult now that Avalon Hill has passed the game to Wizards of the Coast.

    If anyone prints it out and plays a game let me know what you think.

  • Thanks, a lot 🙂
    I think this would help the WWi variant, that Emu is working on.

  • Thanks for this map! It should be better for my scenario because it has made some changes already. I’ll post my scenario in this forum when its ready.

  • Hurry up, I would like to see it. 😄

    (Oh well, can’t rush art…)

  • It takes a while. I’ve barely gotten started on the map. I have to move borders to add in places and add new areas. Should I bother colour coding all the originally owned areas?

  • Color coded would be nice, though unsure how long it would take.

  • Some of the territories are really small and I dont have room to put the number of IPCs they are worth so I’m going to scrap the amount that it says on the board and make a list of them. That will be easier too, especially if I fiddle with the numbers.

  • Sounds resonable.

  • is it just me, or do a lot of the convoy routes on this map have no coresponding territory.

  • Der Panzinator,

    I like what you have done, well every body is drooling over the Eastern Front what you have done in the Atlantic is just as good or even better. However I was surprised that you did not add the tip of Brazil with an Airbase and perhaps Cuba and some of the lesser antillies just for some chrome and additional O IC Terriotories, which could provide airbases for ASW patrols.

    Now for some sugestions from a new comer,
    North Africa, adding Tobruk was a start, why not split Egypt into two territories (Western Desert (0 IC) and Nile Valley (1 IC) and Libya into two (Cynica (0 IC) and Triopli (01 IC) ) this would make the Desert war a bit more lasting and give a better sesaw effect and last for at least 3 turns. Plus anybody adding Italy as a separate power will have two additional territories.

    Eastern Europe needs drastic redrawing (not your fault as it was originally so) Where Albania? I now its not important but those of us who try to insert Italy into the game are frastrated by this missing state. Yugoslavia should be divided into two (Croatia and Serbia) and Greece into two or three (Epris, Achea and perhaps Solonaka) Rumainia into two (Translyvania and Rumania).

    How about adding Southern Germany to reflect the allies decision to either drive on Berlin or Southern Germany in 45. Myself would add a Eastern Prussia space.

    And finally a Baltic Cobvoy for Germany, it would give something for the Russian sub to to do.

  • i am highly confused of what the anchor symbols are for? i am also wandering if u are going to come out with a page the will show how troops will be placed? i agree that a tip of brazil and cuba also be added. and maybe puerto rico and some othe caribean islands. but still this map contains some of the best changes i have seen. why are the capitols so worthless?


  • Here is a more recent map.  It is still in the process of changes so you can come back now and then to check.

    no longer available

    *If a login box appears just hit cancel. Not sure where this came from.
    (This is another Word document so you’ll need either Word or a Word viewer to see it.)

    We have a German first turn surprise attack that must be used for this setup.  Basically the Russians do not get to fire back for the first round of combat in each space where there is combat in the four territories bordering Europe.  Karelia and Vyborg are not included for this.

    The anchors were for ports but we haven’t really made any solid rules for them yet.

    I believe this is the first time anyone has suggested Brazil or Cuba.  May have to think about this.  Or check out the Advanced A&A world map that I’ve started that is also being discussed at the AAEuropeMC.

    I think that everyone was in agreement to expand out North Africa.  The country-colors haven’t been added yet though but the spaces are there.

    I’m not sure about adding anymore to the rest of Europe.  It will probably need to be done if I make a 1939 map but otherwise it would get things too crowded in an area that doesn’t see much action.

    If anyone wants to read more of the details of the maps progression use the link at the top of this thread and there is about 250 posts that go through the whole process from the start.

  • How are you making this board?

  • Der Panzinator,

    I like what you did with North Africa, though personally I would call Eygpt, the western desert and drop the Al Alamian circle, as well as get rid of the IC in Tunisia why make a convoy box for Axis troops when they have a production center to give them all they want.

    Russia continues to improve, nice to see Karkov get some resepct as well as Somolinsk nd Minsk. On the Kursk area I would say give it the name of Orel-Kursk as that is the two Oblast which make the area up.

    On Crowded spaces I favor the expanded space boxes used in the original A&A, I know I might be a minority on this tidbit but it really allows maps to be more historically accurate. The map i have been working on will allow both World War One and Two boundries and thus had to make extensive use of these.

    What sort of ratios did you use to figure out the initial set up?

  • a cuba in central atlantic would realy help in germany’s try to take over the us with fightes coming from africa or france, along with bombers. and with enough fighters there along with afew bombers and a destroyer you someone can take out the american fleet before it can get away. if you place an aa gun there it could realy be fun if you like pissing the person who plays america off (espcial if he don’t like getting shown up) it would kinda be like the japs air base in gudalcanal. everyone understands its imoprtance to keep germany off america. there will probabily be some big ass battles.

  • @Anonymous:

    what about the planes? are they teritories that planes can capure with out the assistance of ground forces?

    Never! No game with any degree of realism does this. I take it you are playing (or looking) wifod readin da rew-els. However, If you use the paratrooper option/variation(depends on which version of da rew-els youse are usin) you could pull it off by air+.

    i also notice that with russian we will be seeing the stacking manuver all over again…that annoying stacking defence.

    Without “that annoying stacking defence” the USSR would not last more than 3 to 5 turns, EVER. Do you want to be USSR without it. TRY SUMTIN ELSE AND DIE!

    i also think that the capitols should be worth more. and maybe you can break the us up into single states long with canada. and with france you should leave a very weak defense in northern france and paris to recreate how germany took france. egypt is alot better. i think you should raise the points afrika is worth so you will see continus stuggles of power down there. make it worth the resources.

    You got a lotta ideas. Why don’t you try some out! Make temporary alterations to your board with Post-it-Notes. Let us know how it went in some detail.

    why not make saudi arabia part of the war. it alone produces and oil amount equal to all other counties so far.

    WRONG! SA was NOT producing that much oil then. Even today it only produces about 20-25 % of oil on the world market.
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