Real World Environmentalism

  • This is the type of real world environmentalism we need more of…

    Preston said that in the last three years, Safety-Kleen has processed more than 400 million gallons of used oil, and returned more than 1 million gallons of re-refined oil products to the market in California alone, all while reducing dependency on foreign oil while significantly reducing greenhouse gas and heavy metal emissions.

    Yes, I know, another shameless plug for my employer as well 🙂

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    I love recycling!  Why waste anything?  We already have it, why not use it until it has no useful life left so we don’t need to buy more from evil, seditious, malicious foreigners who are bent on the destruction of all we hold as good and true???

    Seriously, I required my technicians to bring back every screw, bolt, washer, etc from their installations so I could save.  You uninstalled something?  Great, bring all the parts back, let’s see if there’s something we can use, like a TV Tuner or a power cord, etc.  Then we sold it to the next clients.  For the record, CompUSA has purchased $10,000’s in old power cords from us over the years and $10 a pop.

  • The land fills of yesterday will be the mines of tomorrow…

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    How far away is your tomorrow?  Cause the landfills of yesterday are the homes of today!

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