• I think AA could be corrected by making it a two die effect instead of three, if you think it needs correcting at all.  But the sub rules are much less realistic, I think.  However, if the sub rules were made realistic, you would see huge stacks of subs and destroyers.  There are just some sacrifices you have to expect to make a game balanced.

  • I agree and disagree, the idea is to cycle the units on the board.  If these factors were not added, than the board would be cluttered and players would have headaches keeping track of attrition, values, movement orders, etc.

    Considering what happened in real life, the AA guns focused on bombers, artillery focused on landing craft, not the ship, since it’s like taking a baseball bat to a steer.  You’ll bruise it and really piss it off, but not completely kill it.  The ships on the other hand did take down a lot of aircraft since the AA guns there would focus fire their shots in the path of the planes.  This was quite effective according to my grandfather who helped load the guns on transport ships.  He did NOT stay below knowing that if the ship were to go down he would have a better chance of getting off the ship quickly.  Whether he would be shot… highly unlikely, since he was behind the gunner and getting ammo that was passed down through armored hallways.

    His weapon of choice was the thompson and would carry alot of ammo since he would spray trees killing any snipers in them during patrols.  Other stuff would be fishing with hand grenades, since there were no fishing poles.  Too bad we can’t do that now-a-days.

  • Finally got my copy of the game.  I will probably do some playing once I finish my teaching stint teaching history using board games in a couple of weeks.  Do have a couple of initial comments.

    1.  Cruisers mixed up.  Not impressed with that at all, and means another phone call to Wizards for correct parts.  I could us the green Takao-class ship to represent a Brooklyn-class light cruiser, need to think about that.  Not sure what to do with the pumpkin-colored Portland.  May need to toss it into my potential Italian unit pile.

    2.  Choisel, Santa Isabel, and Malatia as air fields, NO.  I have flown over Choisel and Santa Isabel.  Nothing remotely close to a harbor, and NO flat land for an airfield.  Malatia never was occupied by either side as it was and is a malarial nightmare.  The Japanese did maintain a small seaplane base on Santa Isabel, but aside from night harassment, the planes did not do anything of significance.  I will allow Japanese units on Choisel and Santa Isabel, but anything on Malatia, from either side, is probably looking at a 50% chance of dying every turn.

    3.  No sickness rule.  If you read any history of the Solomons campaign, you are going to hear a lot about sickness, mainly but not limited to malaria.  The Allies were a bit better off with respect to that than the Japanese, but units were still severely reduced in effectiveness because of disease.

    4.  Need to play with the combat system a bit, but allowing destroyers to survive on a 2, along with cruisers, battleships, and carriers is a bit much.  The ship quality is also lower than on the other games that I have.  Does not impress me that much at all.  One of the US carriers has a deep trench in its flight deck from poor cooling and quality control.

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    You can contact Avalon Hill, timerover, and they will send you corrected Cruisers.


    All of my pieces are the usual quality miniatures you get in an A&A game no problems (except the cruiser switch which they corrected) with furrows or anything like that.

    As to rule questions and historical accuracy I’m sure you’re right. I’ve found the game fun as is though.

  • AH customer service is very quick also.

  • Hay, has anyone thought to make cards for Guadalcanal like they have for almost every other A&A variant on this site? 
    I’m just saying, it’d be nice to have a reference for things like what “Superior Fighters” and “Ranged Fire” do.

    If I have to make them I will, but they won’t be very good quality probably.  More to come I guess.

  • This is what I’ve come up with so far.  I’m trying to find a way to print them on a 3"x5" card so I can tape them to the reference sheets.

    Japan Card.pdf

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