Fundamental Pledge Question

  • @TG:

    Well, even Bush admits to his stupidity (ex. Yep, I know I didn’t deserve to go to Yale). However, he is smart in the way that he fills his cabinet with competent leaders that know how to do their job, like a few other presidents… AKA Ulysses S Grant. I did like Barbara Bush though, she should’ve ran for presidency!

    Hey, he was a good pitcher!

  • @TG:

    Well Bush Sr. was a good president. The reason why he didn’t get elected was because of the economy (“Read my lips, no new taxes!” As you can see, stupid remarks run in the family). And the reason for this could be traced back to the era of Regan.

    good president? He stinked like Regan (except regan won us the cold war.) Was Bush better than Clinton? At least he did a little more than just fire some rockets…

  • @TG:

    And what was your response?

    I respect some people’s opinions 😉

    I can’t remember to tell the truth.

  • Good answer 😉 (though reply is in no means disrespecting)

  • sure :)…

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