• Old thread - but wanted to input

    Played it a few times - and they’ve come down to turn 9 or 10, with twice needing to eliminate a single unit, on the last role to win it.

    Axis 3 ~ Allies 1.

    I echo some earlier comments -

    Seems like Germany can really muck it up by just sending a few units into a single city to screw up “control”.

    Few observations….

    It likely goes without saying, but it seems that fighters are WAY more valuable as packs of 4 as opposed to spreading them out in singles, or groups of two.  Initially my thought was to put them in Axis reinforcement areas to try and limit the amount of incoming troops - now I’m much more inclined to leave them in groups of 4 over the cities after I occupy them or about to contest them to prevent reinforcements.

    Bombers seem to work best on isolated units (no ART) and/or clearing paths as opposed to “whittling down” a controlled area.

    Seems like the best strat for Axis is a defensive posture.  Haven’t tried it, but wouldn’t trying to get 2 ART, 2 INF, and 4 Tanks in your cities a pretty powerful strat?  ART for anti-air or discouragement, as well as fodder, INF for fodder, and Tanks for high defense…

    Enjoying the game the few times I’ve played it and looking forward to more…


  • “The Allies can’t lose , you just park aircraft over the central city and annihilate anything that tries to get into it.The other two cities are either swamped by the British , or cut off by the Americans….”

    this is what i found. Allies park 4 planes into caen and 4 planes into St lo literally the entire game. half of all german artillery  sent in is anihilated by the straffing the other half his cleared by the ground forces before the germans even get the chance to fire at them. the only advantage is the allies run out of reinforcements faster but its evened out by the carnage the germans suffer from the airplanes

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