This version of AAM is not combatible with normal AAM. It is also a work in progress trying to balance historical accuracy with playability (though favouring playability) - I am always open to suggestions.

    The rules are fairly simple - for the most part it follows how AAM works, but with one fairly important exception; aircraft.


    Aircraft may only attack units in front of them or in the same hex as them.

    Aircraft provoke Defencive-Fire only if they move from one hex adjacent to a unit with Antiair to another hex adjacent to it. The type of unit is irrelevant.

    Disruption reduces an aircraft’s speed by 1 instead of preventing it’s movement.


    In The War Above all aircraft have speed and are moved as if they were normal units; ignore the standard AAM Aircraft rules.

    Aircraft may only move into a hex in front of them; when moving into a hex the aircraft faces directly away from the hex it moved from.

    During the movement phase an aircraft must move a minimum of two hexes.
    During the assault phase an aircraft must move a minimum of two hexes if moving. If attacking it moves two hexes (no more, no less) after the attack.

    Once per phase an aircraft my Sideslip instead of turning - treat it as a turn but the facing does not change.

    Aircraft that move off of the map have disengaged and count as if they were destroyed.


    Special Abilities are written here instead of on the aircraft as they are not finalized yet (It’s just easier for me to change).

    Agility: No changes
    Antiair: No changes; though Defencive-Fire has been changed.
    Bomber X: Instead of its regular attack this unit can attack all non-aircraft in an adjacent hex and rolls X dice against each one.
    Bombs: Once per game you may declare you are using this SA. If you do then target one adjacent hex and roll 8 attack dice against each non-aircraft unit in that hex.
    Jet: This unit must move 1 hex forward before making a turn and must, if able, move a minimum of 3 hexes each phase instead of the standard 2.
    This unit gets -1 to its attack rolls when attacking units that aren’t aircraft or fortifications.
    When attacking aircraft this unit counts as 6s as two successes.
    Limited Numbers (Axis): Your force cannot have more units with the Limited Numbers SA than you have Messerschmitt Bf 109Es.
    Nimble: Instead of performing a sideslip, this unit may turn into any hex except the one directly behind it.
    Rockets 8: No changes.
    Slow: No changes.
    Speed Boost: Once per game you may have this unit use Speed Boost - treat it as if it has the Jets SA for the rest of the phase.
    Steady: Whenever this unit could turn, you may perform a sideslip instead.
    Superior Armour 2: No changes.
    Tank Buster: This unit gets -5 attack dice when attacking a City Hex.

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  • Units to complete:

    Ammo/Fuel Dumps*
    US Quad 50
    US M16 Half-Track
    UK/SV/PO 40mm Bofors
    GE 88mm Flak
    GE 20mm Flak
    GE Flakpanzer
    Polish Airforce - 1939, 1940 w/ UK, 1943 w/ SV.


  • Well this sure sounds interesting.  I like the idea of a more air combat based warfare.

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