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    Germany won’t get any further then it normally does while the Allies builds these bombers.  We’re only talking 2 turns.  How much of an advantage can you actually get, considering it takes a few turns to even start to make Russia fall back.

  • @Jennifer:

    Germany won’t get any further then it normally does while the Allies builds these bombers.  We’re only talking 2 turns.  How much of an advantage can you actually get, considering it takes a few turns to even start to make Russia fall back.

    Hey, build bombers by all means.



  • Well for one thing, that BOM build takes resources, and that means resources not spent on Navy, or land units being transported to Africa.

    So the “gain” that Germany is going to make is compensating for the loss of income to SBR by padding their income using Africa.  At the same time, they also weaken the Birts so that SBR’s are about all they can accomplish due to lack of funds.  Loss of Africa also effectively shields Southern form SBR (unless you are flying in from Caucuses, which requires another round lost to get the BOMs into position, and leaves them potentially vulnerable.

    Lastly, it will allow Germany to sweep the North Atlantic free of shipping.  Yes, the Kreigsmarine will die accomplishing that, and perhaps a few Luftwaffe units as well… but cleared oceans means 100% security for Germany in the West, South and North.  That leaves the entire Whermact with ONE target… Russia.

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    Yes, but you more then make up for it later when Germany’s not earning much of anything and you are omnipotently taking anything you want back.  Also, those bombers are still combat units you can use for engagements instead.

  • Damage from SBR is limited, and the more territories Germany gains (Africa, central Europe) the more immune they are to those SBR’s.

    And the AA fire WILL take a toll on those BOM’s over time, and in a couple of turns of German and Japan advance, UK can;t afford to even replace a BOM with a single turn of revenue…

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    Once America gets 5 bombers going, England doesn’t have to bomb anymore.

    However, the other benefit is that Germany and Japan have diverted huge resources to Africa to keep Germany over the 20 IPC mark each round after bombing, while America just puts her 24 IPC of units into Africa (8 infantry) and does 15-18 IPC damage to Germany (12-15 in return.)

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    If you’re going to conduct an SBR campaign against Germany, it’s best to have both the US and UK involved because it doubles the maximum damage that can be inflicted from $16 to $32.

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    I think it can work, but it’s not a good strategy for one reason: it is highly volatile. You might get lucky and not lose any bombers to AA fire for 4-5 rounds, which is very bad for Germany. Or you might get unlucky and lose more bombers than expected. Strategy that relies on luck is not really strategy, it’s only crossing your fingers before you roll the dice.

    For each Bomber that AA shoots down, you lose the same amount in IPCs as if Germany had conducted 4 or 5 successful SBRs against UK or US. And Germany does this without committing any resources. Also, it’s an active unit that is destroyed, which is more valuable than IPCs, which represent units that will only be active in 2 rounds or so. Remember that you have to turn IPCs into units before they do you any good.

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    You can’t afford 5 bombers with England.  That’s the only problem.

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    Switch, the allies dont need to build much navy, only trn. The bombers are too much, that is why i like the LL rules for them.

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    Final result:

    With Germany reduced to 0-3 IPC a round, the Axis powers, with Moscow in hand, capitulate.

    End Bomber Count:

    Russia: 1 bomber (sacrificed Moscow for it.)
    England: 3 bombers
    America: 5 bombers

    Total SBR: 31.5 IPC a round (Russia was especially nice since you cannot subtract 3 IPC in damage when you don’t collect any money!)

    Allied Fleet:

    3 Battleships, 20 Transports, 2 Aircraft Carriers, 4 Fighters

    Meanwhile, America was still plenty capable of producing 6 infnatry, 1 artillery, 1 armor per round for Europe.

  • Actually, there is something in the LL SBR rules about not being able to pay your share of the damage… your BOM dies.

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    Ah, well if they posted that, we never saw it.  And even had we known, it would have been an arguement that in a case like that you’d have to physically kill the thing with a die roll.

  • I suggest reading the LL rule sbefore you continue Jen, or ask some of our LL experts like Ezto and Darth.

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    Jenn - where are the bombers in our current game? I believe your theory on SBRs is one of the reasons I called you out…

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    The allies are taking a slightly different tactical route.  Bombers may come into play again, but this is ADS, not LL.  SBR really only makes sense in LL because your bombers are invincible to AA fire.

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    Okay. Well, we will still crush you anyway. Har har har (cough spit) har har!!!

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    LL with Stratofortresses would be fun. 🙂

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    What are Stratofortresses? In Axis & Allies I mean.

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    American National Advantage:

    Your bombers fly higher then AA Fire can reach, so you do not take any damage from AA Guns.

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    In other words, invincible heavy weapons! 😮 😮

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    Yes, well HB tech added to that would be nice, but remember that Heavy Bombers only do 1d6+1 damage to industrials and you still max out at the territory’s value.

    I prefer Marines combined with Mechnized Infantry myself.  I see a realm of possibilities for that combination. (Infantry attack at a two or less, move two spaces and can blitz like tanks.)

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