• when it gets to the point in which theres a 1000 transports in england with 2,000 inf. can you built a bunch of suicide  subs in the med or must you built all inf? i know it takes 2turns to reach there.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Yes you can build subs in the c med sz, from the SEU industrial complex.  If the transports are very well protected and/or the allies don’t have much air, it may be a viable strat.

  • wouldn’t the subs just retreat. if only an air assult?

  • 2007 AAR League

    sure.  Whatever is left of them.  If the allies don’t have much air, they probably don’t have much offense to attack the subs.  If they have air, then a coordinated air/naval assault will rip your subs to shreds and there goes you whole naval purchase.  Meanwhile what’s happening in Europe since you just spent your wad on subs?

    It can work in certain situations I think.

  • i was thinking in normal instances in whichthere is like 4-5 planes and an ac for the planes. while that is what i have seen the uk usally do.

  • Building a few subs can be a strong move but the idea is to pick apart the Allied navies one at a time and protect Africa probably for the 84 ipcs.  To do this you ideally want to get the Japanese airforce to Europe as fast as possible and use them to hit the Americans should the Brits to to Algeria and then hit the Brits with the Germans.  There should then be nominal forces in Africa and the Allies will have to rebuild their entire fleet if timed just right the sub will either back the Allies into a bad move, or allow Germany to hold Africa one turn longer.

  • It would be easy for the Allies to block off the exit to the Med with 1 suicide unit, then bomb the subs with their airforce, remember the subs can’t fire at air so its a free shot.

    It’s usually much better to build land units

  • Yes but that swings both ways first the Germans can use air to kill the suicide unit forcing the Allies to spend 1 unit every turn to prevent this.  If the Germans only build 1 sub and have the bb trn this is enough fodder to make the threat credible.  The seond option is to use one of their units as a suicide unit off Spain and then move the bb sub to the WMed for the same purpose.  I’m not saying that I would do it but it can be a major nuissance.

  • so it would be an abstoulute no-no if germany didn’t have it’s fleet? and then you would build 1 sub each turn?

  • I would think so because if they didn’t have that battleship the Allies could just use one of their bombers to sink that sub.

  • i thought subs couldn’t attack air units or take hits from air units.

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    You’re right that subs can’t shoot at planes BUT planes are free to attack subs.

    So subs are potentially sitting ducks, pending on aircraft placement of course.

  • Me thinks that building ger subs is sheer lunacy. Just buy inf, hunker down and wait on the onslaught, and hope that japan has there act together! 8-)

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