• im seeing this term used often. possibly as a type of game? what kind of game is this?

  • 2007 AAR League


    Download the latest stable release.

    TripleA is an open source game engine that allows you to play axis and allies either alone (not very good AI), networked, or via PBEM.

    You would use TripleA instead of using ABattlemap (or any other mapping util), since TripleA is a map and game engine all by itself.  In my opinion, TripleA is a better interface than ABattlemap for a number of reasons:

    1. TripleA has better graphics
    2. TripleA enforces axis and allies rules (ie. won’t let you place if you don’t have complex, won’t let you move if you don’t have movement, won’t let you spend more than you have).
    3. TripleA has history, so you can play back through any turn you want, and see the purchases, combat movement, combat, non-combat movement, and placement, just like they happened.

    However, TripleA does have limitations:

    1. Limited dice servers available (no LL servers)
    2. unable to edit map to make changes (if you are playing PBEM and your opponent used the wrong OOL, you might want to edit the map to change the units to correct the error)
    3. TripleA doesn’t have a method creating a text file with the turn history or unit summary to post to a forum.

    Follow the link above, and check it out for yourself.  If a few small modifications are made to TripleA, I think everyone on this board will be using it instead of ABattlemap!


  • thank you, sounds a bit better than battlemap

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