Free For All Battle - Looking for Rules

  • Does anyone know if there are any free for all rules where every country is for themsleves (no axis and no allies), I guess the rules themselves would actually be pretty much the same, but the initial setup is what would be different I would guess, before I sit down and try and work up something fair, I wanted to see if anyone else has done this and would share you setup and/or comments, etc.


  • i’ve saw one before but i can’t find it, .  😐 it might be on

  • 2007 AAR League

    I don’t know about different initial setup but Russia would lose and UK would be down to its capital fairly soon

  • The setup does not need to be fair, its called balance of powers, Germany and the US may have the largest armies and the most income, but that does not mean Japan, the UK, and the USSR will be conquered in a mater of turns. More likely Germany and the US will fight each other and make alliances with the weaker powers in order to gain an advantage. If Japan, UK, or USSR play their cards right they have just an equal opportunity to win as Germany and the US.

  • Ive played a game like this, and I decided to play until 2 powers were eliminated, then go by IPC’s to determine the winner.

    First, Russia was eliminated. This took some time, as there was a good border alliance with Germany (really helped both players).

    Next, Japan was bloackaded by a massive american fleet and they were taken out next.

    Britain survived by ignoring trying to save IPC’s and instead defending their capital. They placed third.

    Germany placed second, getting half of africa and the middle east, and the valuable european Russia territory.

    The United States won.  They controlled the other half of africa and dominated the pacific, and controlled the asian part of Russia.

  • Cobert,

    Thank you for the information and the link to that website! I will check it out tonight, I appreciate your help.


  • You’re welcome.

    I suggest we make a thread to generally discuss Free-for-all games and strategy, or just use this one, because about half of the games I play are like this.

    I’d like to point out that with my way of playing (3 powers survive), Germany and the US almost always make it to the final 3 (but whichever one of them takes another powers capitol will probably win overall)  and the smaller power with best defense will win.  In my next game, as Germany or the US, im going to try to just go all out on the other major power, just to see if I can take the biggest threat out and secure a victory.

    When we play, we change the rules so that when a capitol is taken, the captor takes half of the owners money, and the owner can still build in any other territory with an IC, but they only generate money from the territory with the IC in it and the territories surrounding it (so they can try to get their capitol ack easier).  Its always entertaining to see a capitol get taken away, also.  When Moscow gets bulldozed by Germany, all of the other nations make a mad dash to either steal Russias other territories they cant defend or to capitalize on other players weakening themselves while heading towards Russia, its great.

  • Here is my changes to the rules for a free for all version.

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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