• I played D-Day about a week or two ago for the first time, since then I have played it a few times now. It is a great game! My gaming group plays Axis and Allies on a regular basis, and I am a long time vet of the original version, and lately playing a lot of Europe, Pacific and Revised… I had put off playing D-Day for a long time (about a year), and the first game was with my son (12 years old) and it went great. I felt as though it was well balanced, fast, and a lot of fun… I was a little worried at first about how it would play not being able to buy reinforcements and having to rely on a set sheet of what you would get and when (to a degree), but it was a lot of fun when we were done… My only fear is that the game might get old fast… there is only so much I think you can do with the setup the way it is, but there again I might be wrong and dont have enough games in yet to make that call.

    I am looking forward to the new Axis and Allies BotB game coming out too, that looks like it could be good too!


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    The rule book is up at Avalon Hill for the bulge game. Check the BotB board for the links. It will be very different from D-Day which I think can be repetitve even when using all three sets of cards. Although if you are teaching your twelve year old that is a good thing. I think you learn fundamentals better with repetition.

  • i played dday and found it to be a nice alternative to the usually lengthy games that are europe, pacific revised ect. dday can be completed in an hour and is very fun, fast paced and histoically accurate. its the choice if you want to get a quick game of A&A in. i havent played nor heard much about the battle of the bulge game so i cant compare the two. but dday is certainly a great addition to A&A.

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