• I have been looking over all of the variant maps / games / etc online and I am getting myself worked up wanting to do my own custom map! Does anyone here have any map files that they have started or have found online that would give me a good start to go with? If anyone can send any to me that would be great.

    I have the ability to print up to 48" by 36" on card stock or vinyl in full color, so I’d also be more than happy to run a print or two off for anyone who is interested an can help me out! 🙂

    For file types, anything is ok to start with, vector line art would be ideal. (Adobe Illustrator, etc.) but let me know of anything you have that you think might be a good start.


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    Goto boardgamegeek.com under axis and allies 2004 and load up my file. When you print it post some pictures on this site with the pieces.

  • Imperious Leader… Wow, that was a great file, I just downloaded it and opened it up in AI CS2, it actually had an error trying to display so I downloaded it again and got the same error, I figured out that the outer box was for some reason causing this error, so I deleted the box, saved as a new file and it is fine now… No idea why that happened.

    This map is excellent! Great job on it for sure. I will get one printed and when my gaming group uses it for a game in the next couple of weeks, I will take several photos for you. 🙂


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    WE also feature another file which includes Italy and some very minor changes to the map. These are used together with rules under house rules section look under tekkys signature and take a look.

    I have also redrawn some old games into remakes:

    Amoeba wars
    D-Day 1977 AH
    Stalingrad  AH 1963
    Federation Space

    All of these feature map, redone counters, and player aids in some cases.

  • Hey there Imperious Leader…

    I wanted to let you know that I have a full size copy of your map printed, and it looks great! It might not be until after the Holidays before I get my group of gamers to play on it, but when I do, I’ll get some photos. It is really nice to see this map at such a large size and easy to play on. I sized it to my 6’ long dining room table! 🙂

    Thanks again,

    Paragon Gaming Group

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    That post made my day!! I am very glad your happy.

    BTW I will now work on a combined AA europe/ pacific map that will be about 4x7 feet using the exact rules for both games and a number of additional optional rules… again on a free download format. I suspect this project will take a few weeks. Ill post you the info.

    other news what inspired me to do this was something that ill send you via email. I dont have permission to post it to the masses. Yet.

  • Great! Yes, please send me the private email and give me the low down! 🙂

    I’d love to see a new (large) A&A map that has the Europe and Pacific areas added in, just please make sure you do it in Illustrator so the final file can be sized up or down without loss of detail! 🙂  If you need any help let me know!

    I cant wait to play on the large one you did before, that is a nice map.


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    Yea its basically those maps redrawn, except i only have about 2/3 of africa and will use convoy boxes to symbolize movement around cape horn. WW2 was not decided in southern africa and Europe need to be nice a big so the pieces dont look cluttered. I promise this map will exceed all before it!

    total size is 7 feet by 4 feet

    Im using all the original territories from both games ( except the additional african territories) so the set up sheets will remain the same… except the colors will be different so that you could play a 1939 version of the game.

    Italy will be added but it wont have any additional impact on the game ( i cant explain why at this point)

    no rules will be changed except a number of optional rules added (by choice) including no more than 3-6 new units and some minor political rules…I dont want to ruin the good game balance. Old strategies will work as usual but new ones will be possible.

  • Great news! I look forward to it, so let me know if you need help on anything! I can print the 4’ x 7’ map no problem too! So that will be sweet.


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