Looking for help with a 300 point Allies build- RW don't look

  • Hi, I’m new to posting, but have been lurking for a while and played several AAM games. Strats I have read here have helped me win a few games and I am looking for some specific help now as I’m concerned for an axis armored horde I probably cannot dent.

    My friend and I have progressed to a 300 point build, with a max of only 20 units. 25 would have been better for me and my SE paras. He has posted for advice on his 300 build and I’m sure he’s going to be ready for me. I’m sure he’s had some good input and would like to get some also.

    I have 3 builds planned and have mostly decided on one, but am looking for help with the following:

    *With only 20 units and 300 points, armor (probably heavy armor) will be seen by me. I’m expecting a Vet Tiger, Brummbar, SS Panther(s), JagPanther, and/or a SS Panzer. I’m also fairly certain he will field a Stuka and 6-8 SS PG’s, , sniper, an Oberlt., Grizzled Vet and Hampster. Also possible are SS Storm, and anti tank fausts and some fast attacks with a halftrack. My rhino performed admirably last game and I think I will see a lot of SS Determination because of it.

    *I have tried to keep him guessing with my builds and it has worked well: First build was mixed with armor and troops and bofors 100 pts, second build was SE Para heavy (5) with croc (100 pts). My third build was entirely armor (180 pts) as I guessed he was fielding TPA the perfect army (which he did!). I used Sherman 105, Croc, 2 sherman, rhino and 2 M1 mortars with RDC. The mortars performed as expected…

    The build I have tentatively planned for intends to avoid his heavy punch and force him in at round 7 for a hand to hand fight, as I cannot match his firepower at range. I’m sure he planning my croc’s early demise this time after I 666’d his Vet Tiger, but will not expect 3. I’d prefer an entirely infantry based build with engineers, Garands, mortars, SE Para and ghurkas, but I can’t get close to 300 points at 20 units.

    My build:
    3 Crocs
    1 KV-1 Cossack combo
    1 Sherman or maybe 2 Stuarts (either support crocs and KV with sherman or send stuarts under cover to harass sniper and infantry, hampster, maybe get lucky on a rear shot on the Brummbar)
    10x SE Paras- get snipers, assault disrupted vehicles and contest the objective
    Fanatical sniper - for the SSPG’s of course
    P-51 - for the SS PG and a rear shot at a panther, anti-air. I had considered a p-38 but figured the rockets would be better
    1 Royal Engineer

    I also could go a full armor build and outnumber him, but with him having 4-6 armored pieces in formation, a swarm is more unlikely to succeed. In addition to the above, I can field:
    3 Stuart

    The armor build would facilitate flanking with all of these units, while continuing to plod towards the objective with Crocs and KV-1. All that armor would be over 300 point and I’d have to hone it down some.

    The third build gets rid of the sherman and gets a resourceful hero, SE Capt and extra SE Para.

    Also, to round my collection, I have:

    2 Bazooka
    2 jeep
    2 flamethrowers
    4 Engineers
    Quad 50
    Universal carrier
    2x M1 Mortar
    SE Para (12 total)

    I was thinking of getting an M26 and another M36 if I was going to go head to head also.

    Well, any help would be appreciated. I’m trying to get an idea if my fledgling strategies are valid or require re-working.

  • Wow! Tiger heaven and great strat resulted in my first loss–quite badly at that.

    What has been allies experience in the past in dealing with this map? Because we had only 20 units at 300 points I had to field several (5) armor and normally would have tried to lay back at the objective, but had not place to hide more than 2, maybe three units and theyd be divided heavily. With 3 crocs I had to charge and it was not pretty.

    In expectation of an open map with heavy armor a must, then I’d guess going M26/M36’s for flanking would be wise. Any thoughts?

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