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Kill Japan First (KJF)

  • On J3 I am collecting $38 Jen.

    And you must not have seen most of my games… I USUALLY have most of my fleet in SZ60, and only 1 small task force raiding.
    In this game, thanks to the extra defense and fodder units (as protection against that US BOM in WCan), I have TWO raiding parties… one off India, the other clearing the southern islands…

  • In response to the KJF Bluff…

    NEVER change strats during a game.  If you are going KJF, STAY KJF.  Otherwise, just go KGF, and STICK WITH IT.

    Trying to bluff in the Pacific as the US leaves the Axis with economic dominance, and with USA and UK in NO position to assist a dying Russia.

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