• Hi everyone.

    Maybe I am looking too much into this but I was hoping for some help:

    1. During the combat move can a transport simply move from one friendly sea zone to another or must it enter a hostile territory or at least offload to a hostile territory? Is this the same for submarines and aircraft carriers? (If they don’t have to move into a hostile SZ during the combat move isn’t this just a non combat move?)

    2. I am the US and I have a transport with 1 inf and 1 tank aboard in SZ35 and I offload in SZ36 (into French Indochine which is friendly) during my COMBAT MOVE.
    Can my 1 inf once offloaded then attack from French Indochina to enemy controlled and occupied China in the same combat move? Can the tank do this as per the blitz?
    I guess what I am asking is when a tank, inf or artillery offloades from a transport does this use up 1 unit of their move?
    Would it make a difference if French Indochina was unoccupied and enemy controlled?

    3. Also, if I win a battle with inf and aircraft all my inf involved in the battle must move into the newly captured the territory. Assuming that the aircraft were also involved in the battle can they just land in the territory that I attacked from or must it move into another territory that was friendly from the beginning of my turn?


  • 1. All movement during combat phase must involve some sort of combat. For your trns this means they must either partake in a naval battle or offload to enemy territory. If they pick up and deliver to friendly territory this is a non-combat move and must be done in NCM phase. Same applies for subs and acs.

    2. When you offload, both the units that disembark and the trn are considered to have completed their moves and can move no further, no blitz etc. Makes no difference whether the territory is friendly or hostile, occupied or vacant.

    3. Your aircraft must land in any territory that was friendly at the beginning of your turn. It can also land on any friendly AC within reach.

  • Sankt Hallvard is true there.

    concerning 2: You can only load units into transports if the units haven´t moved so far. And if you offload them, their whole move is completed.

  • Thanks - that answers my questions  :-D

  • And also to clarify…

    If FIC was friendly, the transport would offload in NON-combat mvoement.

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