• Pardon my Greek, but what exactly is a Mennonite? :-?

  • @TG:

    Pardon my Greek, but what exactly is a Mennonite? :-?

    a nuts and bolts definition might be a person who both/either:

    1. is of Mennonite heritage - The Mennonites are a religious group with origens in Holland. Origionally called “Anabaptists” by the Catholic and Protestant churches, they were persecuted until they found refuge in Prussia and Poland for ~200 years. To maintain their status of “consciensious objector” (and not be conscripted into the German armies) they moved en mass to Russia, invited by Catherine the Great to settle colonies there. They then moved to Canada, America, Mexico and South America around the times of: The Crimean War, The Russian Revolution, and any other time that they could escape Stalinist Russia/USSR (and afterwards). Although we are of Dutch origen, and most recently of Russia, many of us still speak German. Education and music are the highest priorities of the Mennonite people, and their conditions for finding a home country has included separate education, non-participation in the armed forces, and other “special rights and privileges”. Usually they are welcome due to their industriousness and they tend to prosper where ever they settle.
    2. A person with Mennonite beliefs. Prolly closest to Baptist, except we are pacifists.
      Although the greatest population is here in Manitoba, there are many 000’s in Congo, India, S. America, and various pockets in Canada and the US (as well as Germany, Switzerland, Russia, etc.)

    i’m not sure that this relates to my voting pattern as most Mennos tend to be more “conservative”.

  • Okay, thank you for the history of Mennonite people in a nutshell. 😉

  • @TG:

    “i’m 50% italian 30%german 10% russian 10% french, jewish mother’s blood, baptized lutheran.”

    I have no idea where you can get percentages from.

    I could only tell you what i am told.

    My dad is 100% italian, my mother’s side is screwed up, because i believe both of her parents were german, more than the other, french and russian somewhere… i consider myself italian because that’s what my “blood” most clearly dictates, not that it really matters.

  • @Yanny:

    Heritage means Zip, Zero, Nada, Nothing to me. “10 % French” - Ok, I can understand knowing your Half Italian, but what does it matter if your 10% French? I certaintely am not going to treat you differently because your Half Italian, let alone 10 % french.

    You are what make yourself, it doesn’t matter who your parents were.

    I agree.

    how did we get to this? i think moses mentioned WASP, and i said something…whatever.

    Yes, it is someone’s personality that matters, but affirmative action doesn’t seem to think so 😛 (sorry, low blow!)

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