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  • So, if anyone else tilts back a few when they play theyll understand. I seem to be loosing pieces. Tanks, planes, boats….all sorts…just slowly goin down in numbers. Anyone know where to get new game pieces?

  • You might check earlier postings in player help.  This has been covered before, and I believe a couple of links were given.

  • top notch!

  • alright, i cant find anything……anyone else have any better help?


    When you get to taht page, click the drop-down arrow in the A-E titles box, then click the version of Axis and Allies you need pieces for.  That will bring up the order form in a new window.

    I have a triplicate set myself, except for INF which I only have double (they would not send me 2 sets of INF and refunded the extra $5)

  • The trick is, you put your head right down on the floor and look sideways across the surface. It’s much easier to find your pieces that way, and after a few beers it’s also pretty fun just getting on the floor.

    I got a second set from the place Switch posted. It was painless and money well spent. I don’t give a crap anymore if a fighter tail section breaks off. The only problem is I now have like 12 Russian battleships that’ll never see the light of day. Why do they even bother making them?

  • Even with my triplicate set of pieces (And I mean triple EVERYTHING except INF, because Hasbro refused to send me two sets of that and isntead refunded my money for them) I still often run short of 1 thing… RED CHIPS.

    Also, I have had occasion even with triplicate pieces where I ahve had to chip US Transports.  Normally, I do not chip Navy (prefer to ahve all those units lined up on the board).  But on rare occasion, the US has had so many TRNs, that I have had to resort to chips late in the game.

    My personal recomendation:
    Order 2 or 3 extra sets of chips (“Chips and dice” on the order form)
    order 2 extra sets of navy, AF, and non-INF land units (“Bag with cannon, ships and aircraft” on order form)
    order 1 extra set of INF (max they will send)  (“Infantry” on order form)
    order 1 extra AA and IC’s (“gun runner-grey” on order form)

    One thing I did NOT order, but wish I had, was an extra set of Control Markers.  Rare that you need them, but when you need them, you NEED them (I compensate using control markers from my Classic set since I did not order extra when I ordered my other pieces).

    You are looking at $30.50 total to order all those pieces.  And 99% of the time, that will be enough for you 🙂

    Also, I recomend going to Lowes, Home Depot, etc. and getting one of those drawer organizers that are normally for screws, bolts, small parts, etc.  I bought a super-cheap one from Target that has 20 small drawers, 6 large drawers, and all of them can be sub-dividided (that is the SMALLEST I would recomend).  Each nation has a seperate row (for the most part).  INF in one drawer.  ART and ARM share a drawer taht has a divider.  AF share a drawer, and SUBS/TRN share a drawer.  That is 4 across, then then 5 rows of that make the same for each nation.
    3 of the large drawers are split and used for Capital Ships (half of a drawer for each nations AC, BB, and DST, with half of 1 drawer unused)
    And the other 3 large drawers are:
    1 for grey chips.
    1 split with red chips and AA on one side, IC on the other
    1 for dice

    Even if you get a VERY nice drawer unit, you will only have about $100 invested in your total game package.  And for the year plus of enjoyment I have gotten form it already, WELL worth the investment.

  • heres a question for you switch… how do the uk pieces look, what i mean to say is are they tan or puke in colour?

  • They are Sea Foam Green 🙂

    I have not personally seen tan UK units except in my Milton Bradley Classic game that I bought in circa 1989.

  • Nice setup Switch. There is no expense too great for proper A&A playing.

    I went the cheaper route, however, and I have a large ziploc bag for each nation. It makes them easy to put in the box, even with a buttload of pieces.

    As an aside, I use Classic set fighters for carrier based aircraft- it just feels right. And cruisers (house rule) are represented by Classic set battleships. Pretty f’ing nice.

    And you’re right about chipping navy- there’s just no place for that. You have to cram the SZs with as many units as possible to intimidate and confuse your opponent  :evil:

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    you cannot order infantry for revised from hasblow. they ran out and will not replace them. only tanks,cannons,ships are left for pieces.

    however in original they have russian and uk (done in original colors of brown and tan)

  • How long ago was that IL?  I ordered mine about 5 months ago, and they DID send me 1 set of INF…  They initially back-ordered them, but about a week later the INF showed up, and the refund check for the single INF set not sent about 3 days later.

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