• I rarely hear about the Tank killers.  It’s alway Tiger this and Tiger that.  Has anyone ever used any of the heavies?  JagdTiger or Jagd Panther? I’ve had some success with the Hetzer.  Haven’t used the big boys and what about the 88 anyone?

    Axis Fan

  • A buddy of mine once kicked my a$$ (and the humiliating part is that it was his SECOND game ever) with a JagdPanther.  He would just roll up to short range and blast my tanks to pieces.

    On the other hand, I’ve had some success with the Nashorn, as it would just stay a LONG distance away, and my other more heavily armored tanks would fill the gaps in-between, screening enemy units from it.

  • Jagdpanthers are good in large games where they have room to use their extended ranged, and that extra speed comes in handy.

    Jagdtigers aren’t that good. They have the firepower, but are very slow and hence easily flanked out of arc, disrupted, and eventually damaged (You should see that T-70s do to them).

    I remember playtesting the Nashorn before it came out; even without planes it was terrible. With planes it’s that much worse; I’d rather use a Marder because at least I’m not wasting as many points.

  • Hetzer are great… any others I dont use unless a scenario asks for them… lets see how the Elefant turns out! But im not gonna hold my breath!

  • I’m a fan of the Hetzer myself.  Heck you could put 3 of them on the field for what it cost for a JagdTiger.  I’ve been itching to use my Nash.  But I think I’ll wait 45 is Waaay  too high a cost and the with Paras lurking around I’m not willing.  But that generally is the story with some of these interesting, but costly pieces. Real cool, would love to use but if I commit to a certain piece I better be almost 100% sure of what my opponents throwing at me (and unless you can read oracle bones or something that is unlikely), I can think of much better ways of spending 45 pts.

  • You’re right DL - I don’t plan on ever using a JagdTiger either.  I only care to have at least one, so that I at least have a complete set.  😉

    As far as what you’re saying about the Nashorn, I’ve never played a game using aircraft yet, so I can’t make that comparison.  But yeah, I can see how using one would just make it a target…

  • Unfortunately almost every game I play has aircraft - generally Mustangs. The Nashorn just isn’t an option with them around; even if I want to spend 1/2 of my force to protect the nashorn the player will still make a suicide run. Even when disrupted, a rockets have a good chance of destroying the Nashorn.

    I have yet to use a Nashorn in a large game; things tend to balance out in them, but even still I suspect it would have the same problems.

  • I have had good success with the Nashorn and the Jagdpanther…

  • Could you give some details on your successes?

  • yeah i have a jagdPanther and it works like a charm but i got whopped by aircraft damn rocket attacka!!!

  • I hear you on that rooster.  P51?  My opponent (stars and stripes tried that and scared the %&!@ out of me (the resouceful Hero was nearby too).  Hetzers are a nice piece as well for 20 pts you really can’t go wrong (They aren’t flashy but they have some decent dice and people tend to underestimate them (armor).  I like the Nash’s SA but haven’t had the guts to spent 45pts on one to see how it works. If I had done it my last game I would have lost it since Stars and Stripes fielded a P 51.

    Axis fan

  • The Hetzer is pretty good; unlike others such as the Nashorn it’s fairly cheap and has improved cover, instead of a complete lack of it.  The Jagdpanther is overpriced in a standard game, but decent in bigger ones.

  • idk the 88 works awsome if you surrond them with good infantry and meduim tanks "panzer IV’s

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