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My house rules for Europe: gives Germany a better fighting chance

  • I changed a few little things in Europe leaving most of the game original which gave Germany a better fighting chance.

    Territory Changes for the German Empire (Complete changes when setting up the board)

    Rumania: Rumania is now worth 2 I.C.'s, add 1 Industrial Complex and 1 Anti-Aircraft Gun

    Hungary: add 1 Industrial Complex and 1 Anti-Aircraft Gun

    Sicily: Sicily is now worth 1 I.C. and add 1 Infantry

    Vichy France: add 1 Infantry

    France: add 1 Anti-Aircraft Gun

    Germany now starts the game with 42 I.C’s. Germany can only place new units to the exact amount of I.C.'s the territory holds (example you can only place 2 units of any type (Army, Naval or Air Units) in Rumania and Hungary and 4 in Northen Italy). Germany’s homeland is unlimited to placing new units. The game has now 1 National Event for Germany.

    Operation Barbarossa: Germany Stunned the world When they broke the Non-Aggression Pact with the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. Attacking with over 3 Million Soldiers, 2,400 Tanks, 6,000 Pieces of Artillery and 2,000 Aircrafts Germany and its Axis allies managed a complete suprise attack.

    • Germany can only use is event on its first turn. When attacking the Soviet Union all Russian forces defending Vyborg, Baltic States, East Poland and Bessarabia defend on a roll of 1 for only the entire first turn of Germany.

    Thats it, let me know what you guys think  😄

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    you have any ideas for some new units?

    ss panzers?

    mech infantry?

  • lol my dad and i always joke about just giving the Germans overwhelming advantages and enjoying their victory 😄

    but these seem pretty fair, i always thought it was rather hard for germany to win in Europe

    SS panzers…hmmm 5/5 woot! maybe have a limited amount deployed at the beginning of the game?

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    Something like each nation has X amount of additional money that must be spent at the start of the game on only the “new units” so they all have a cost some nations have their own units while at least 2 types or 3 types of new units can be built by all players.

    All players can buy:

    mechanized infantry


    heavy tanks

    plus each nation has one specific unit that only it can build.

    germany SS Panzers
    Russia Shock troops
    UK ?
    USA ?

  • I think the game is balanced as it is. If anything, Germany is a little too powerful. I have never lost as Germany, and have played 4 times as Germany. Maybe I have really good dice rolls. I practice dice rolling. My friends think that it is total crap but I own on dice rolling. Got the idea after watching the history channel, breaking vegas, the dice dominator.

  • I like to play where there are mines in the danish sea that act as anti-aircraft for naval units.  This really deters any major naval invasions of germany or shipping of troops to russia.

    Also, to represent Germany’s superior armor, their tanks defend on a 3.

    Finally, because the game starts in the spring of 41 and I like to think that one turn is a season, the United States cant enter play until turn 4 (cant do anything in the spring, summer, or fall), UNLESS germany attacks one of their shipping-box thing-ma-bobs or attacks any US units.

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