Calling all Axis builders the King vs Vet

  • Which do you prefer.  If any.  What have you done in the past that has brought success.  Assume 200 to 350 points

  • In the last game I played, (June timeframe) I actually used both.  The odds were slightly in my favor.  😉

    Anyway, as far as which one I prefer… I might have to say the Vet Tiger.  It may have -1/-0 armor, and slightly weaker rolls, but Crack Shot goes a LOOONNG way.

  • The Veteran Tiger is better at killing things (Vehicles, Infantry, and Aircraft)
    The King Tiger has +1 front defence, which actually makes a fair amount of difference. However it does costs 6 more points, though in a 200-350 point game that has much less of an impact.

    If I had to choose I’d go with the Veteran because I prefer the firepower over defence, but really I’d rather go with a Panther than either.

  • Thanks  !!!

  • Yes, good call.  The Panther is a perfectly viable alternative, as the Germans are a little short on heavy hitters that are also decently fast.  😉

  • & set V wil allow 4 a cheap Panther at 35 points! Although it wont have SS determination like its 49 pts brother 😉

  • and has slightly worse AT.

  • Why must u rain on my paraide LOL

    Yep forgot about that but still is a great deal!

  • The Panther D is still a very good tank at a very affordable price.

  • Yes:

    I haven’t done my homework yet on them but I do know at 35 it makes a very nice addition to the armor (strong and affordable)I suspect that everything should remain the same on abilities except losing SS deter.  I still think the SS Panther is worth it’s weight in gold.  I like the SS PZ 4 as well.


  • I liked the SS Panzer until planes came out; rear defence 3 is just too weak against them in standard games.

  • You know, I didn’t think about that.  My opposite hasn’t fielded a plane yet (He is not a big fan of air power). So the situation hasn’t come up. This brings up a good point.  When planes attack armor they get rear attack?!  If so,  I was a real rock head with my Stuka.  Live and learn

  • Planes attack the same way as any other unit, with the sole exception that terrain doesn’t block LOS to and from them.

    While I don’t hate them, I’m not a huge fan of airpower either.  Things bog down too much when you have to constantly ‘watch the skies.’

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