• Nope, not going to work.
    You build 5 TRNs on G1, and UK KNOWS what you are going to try… only one thing you CAN do with that build (assuming they are all in the Baltic to assist with Sea Lion).
    I am also going to assume that all AF were landed in Western.
    Now lets REALLY go max force for London…
    BB and TRN move to SZ13, and will take 1 ART, 1 INF from Algeria to London and add a BB shot

    So, the response…
    UK builds 10 INF.  They may also suicide their BB and TRN to SZ6 to do some damage to your fleet and/or bleed some air cover off your attack
    TRNs the ECan ARM to London
    US sends FIG and BOM to UK, as well as 2 INF, 1 ART, 1 ARM

    So, the attack force is:
    6 TRNs loaded with 6 ARM, 6 INF
    1 TRN loaded with 1 INF, 1 ART
    5 FIGs
    1 BOM
    To get that force, Germany needs ALL ARM from Western, Germany, Southern and Eastern as well as INF from Germany and Norway.
    Germany will have 1 ARM left in Europe (assuming standard R1 open of West Russia/Ukraine) and 11 INF.  That assumes NO LOSSES from attacks on G1
    BUT… Russia will move again on R2, and will wipe out at least anotehr couple of forces, Germany will be down to almost nothing in Europe once they attempt Sea Lion, with a MASSIVE Russian force moving into Eastern on R3.

    So it is an all or nothing shot…

    Defensive Force is:
    14 INF
    2 ART
    3 ARM
    3 FIG
    2 BOM

    Running that battle through the sim, with the “take w/ 1 unit” option, because clearing it does you no good, you HAVE to raid the IPC for it to be worth it…
    Germany wins 6.2% of the time
    And a loss of ALL German units, including AF.

    Not very good odds, especially with the West Russia Stack moving into Eastern on R3, and the UK hammering your TRN fleet with 1 BB, 2 TRN, 2 FIG and a BOM, then the US hitting with 1 DST, 2 TRN, up to 3 FIGs, and a BOM (WUS and Hawaii FIGs moved to ECan in US1)
    Which is an average of teh entire German fleet being wiped out (in exchange for the US and UK AF and Fleets.

    So on G2, Germany builds $35 worth of units to defend with.
    On UK2, UK buys 3 TRN, and US2 sails 3 TRN, 1 loaded to London.
    Also on UK2, Rome falls to the UK forces coming from India via Indian Fleet.

    R3, Russia holds Norway, West Russia, Belo, Ukraine, Eastern and Balkans.

    G3, Germany buys 10 more INF, so they have about 25 units total
    By R4, Everythign except Berlin has fallen, which falls by **R5 AT THE LATEST

    PLEASE, someone play me and build 5 German TRNs on G1!**

  • Moderator

    Not that it helps, but UK can only place 8 inf.   😛

    Actaully 5 inf, 3 arm are a little better defensively then just the 8 inf.

  • If you want to pose a credible threat to London, I think the Caspian Sub recommendation of 2-3 transports is the way to go.  (Caspian Sub Yahoo group; check out paper . . . I think it was 12, maybe.)  You can follow with 5 trns next turn (but if you do, you MUST take London).

    Note that the paper DOES list contingency plans in case the 2-3 trans build cannot be used to take London, and when and when NOT to build 5 trns on G2.  It is not a paper that just says “2-3 trns G1, 5 trns G2, you win! lolz”.  Read the whole thing, understand it, then try it out.

    I think 2-3 trns is too chancy, giving the Allies a chance to end the game with a lucky UK1 air attack, so I’m analyzing Rocket tech these days.

    5 trns is definitely out because of Allied response:  UK build 5 inf 3 tank, move tank from W Can to London, US moves in sacrificial transports (which the Germans can destroy) of 2 inf 1 art 1 tnk), plus flies fighter and bomber to London.  Germany COULD still pull it off, but a USSR move of 1-2 fighters from Moscow to London seals the deal.  (That’s one of the reasons that I park fighters at Moscow).

    Of course, Germany can respond to Moscow-parked fighters with a trns at Southern Europe, which makes the African/Ukraine/Caucasus game far more interesting with mid-game mass infantry moves.  You can’t really use a German transport until G3 . . . the plan is G1 mass infantry and artillery or carrier, G2 infantry to E. Eur and transport build in S. Eur, plus assorted tanks, G3 E. Eur infantry to Ukraine, Berlin tanks to Ukraine, and 2 Med trns to Ukraine for big defensive force, G4 attack Caucasus with all.  There’s a plan to hit on G5 and G6 as well . . . but I won’t go into that for now.

    “The Baltic AC is a DEFENSIVE build by Germany, though one that CAN create some additional OFFESNIVE options.”

    Yeah, the big ones are:  G1 AC in Baltic gives German fighters that are NOT at W. Europe the flexibility to land on the AC parked at the sea zone west of Western Europe in noncom.  This makes the G2 naval threat far more flexible.  The other is that a G1 AC gives German fighters range to hit London, which is something else the Allies have to take into account for their build.  Basically, the AC lets you pull fighter shenanigans.

  • You got it Paint… and with an average of 5 FIGs to play with, that is a LOT of shenanigans!

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