• 2007 AAR League

    Well i wonder if there is a way to attach small files to our posts in games?

    I mean it´s possible to link to images, can it be fixed so we can attach small battlemap files?

    They arn´t big and if we delete old outdated games (if space needs to be made) wouldn´t it be possible?

    Becuse im tired of forgeting this and that, and im to lazy to send it by email, allready doing that with TripleA…

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    play on Flames of Europe.  They have a much easier to use dicey then ours, it’s about as fair as ours and you can upload files.

  • In case our site programmers have not seen this, I am linking the thread to them so that they can see what may be possible (I have no idea, but going to let our experts review it).

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    What is the file?

    What’s the extension on the file?

    What are the sizes of these files?

  • 2007 AAR League

    Around 3kb, ending in .AAM

  • OK, just to make sure what folks are asking for here…

    Do you simply want the file to be uploaded and attached to the post so that it can be downloaded by anyone clicking the link in the message, or do you want the map file to open and display in the message itself?

    I am pretty certain the later is impossible, since it would require ABattlemap to be operating within the SMF forum.  And I am not sure that SMF will support file transfer (which has become increasing restricted due to the copyright music and movies issues).

  • Can we allow for abattlemap files to be attached as well?

    3k in size, .map extension.

    I see a .apm extension is allowed - is that a typo?

  • .aam is the battlemap extension…

  • @ncscswitch:

    .aam is the battlemap extension…

    That’s funny…I’ve been saving it as default and the extension is .MAP.  But I see that .aam is available too…

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I think .map is classic and .aam is revised.  I think.  Notice the letters I T…H…I…N…K… please.  I don’t want to have 40 people try to flame me because I might be wrong, it’s an impression I’ve gotten since I know Classic files don’t save with the same extension as Revised Files (for one, when opening them classic arn’t listed when revised are, unless you hit show all files, and vice versa.)

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