12 Sided Die and Targeted Attacks/ Defense

  • I have been toying with the idea of modifying the battleboard some.  It is probably too complicated and many will not like it but still shooting it out there just in case anyone is interested.

    Some units I have given the ability to target specific enemy units.  Some only get to target during the 1st or 2nd round of combat.  Others target the duration.  Fighters and Bombers get to target but are limited to the amount of time they spend in the “Air” this may change with Long Range Aircraft.

    I have also tried to create a reserve for the defender.  The reserve is to replicate behind the line units for use against break throughs or enemy weaknesses.  These units do not get to fire the first round but may make targeted attacks the second.


    1_____________2___________3__________4______________5______________6______________7________8_________  Transport            Infantry          Mechanized        Airborne                Submarine            Armor                          Battleship         
                                                  Infantry              (Targeted 1st        (Target 1st          (Target 1st                  (Target 1st
    Aircraft Carrier                            (Targeted 1st      round of combat  round of combat    round of combat          round of combat
                                                  round of combat)  may target            may also target
                                                                            reserves              enemy reserves)    Fighter
                                                                            Artillery                Fighter
                                                                              (Targeted)          (Targeted                                  Bomber
                                                                                                        may also target                            (Targeted 3
                                                                                                        enemy reserves                          rounds of
                                                                                                        remains in air                                    combat)
                                                                                                        2 rounds)


    Transport            Bomber          Infantry              Mechanized          Armor                Fighter            Fighter            Battleship
                            (In Air                                      Infantry                                        (Targeted        (Non
                            for 4                                                                  Submarine          remains in        Targeted)
                            rounds)                                    Artillery                (Targeted)          air for 3
                                                                          (Targeted)                                    rounds)

    Reserves                              3______________4______________5______________6____________7___________8_______
    No Combat                            Infantry                Mech Infantry      Armor                                                              Battleship
    on 1st Round                        (Target Round 2)  (Target Round 2)  (Target Round 2)                                        (Target Round 2)

                                                                                                    (Target Round 2)


  • hmmm is your table aligned properly?

    if not you could change the format and repost

    with the air units it could be not abritarily 3 rounds or whatever but dependent on enemy air units

  • That table has to be misaligned.  It looks like a pretty steep learning curve, Yemble. 😮

  • Yeah the table got messed up.  I just didn’t have the time to make it pretty.  I made a new site and it has the table on there.  Yes, yes in my mind it sounds oh so simply but to others it will probably be more hassel than its worth but still.  Here is the table its on the site.


  • Great Idea Yemble! This makes Axis and Allies battles somewhat tacticle

    I have been working on a new Axis and Allies varint in my spare time. It sticks to the basics of the game but includes a new unit, country and board.

    However, with a few tweaks your battle board would be awsome, so I was wondering if you would mine me testing your battle board in game.

    I am having a  blog set up so people can monator and discus the creation of this game.

  • Thats perfectly cool dude.  I have no time to play A&A during the school year.  Play it out and let me know.  I have a feeling artillery might be a bit too powerful on my board.  Just out of curiosity what else are you thinking of tweeking.  Where is your blog?

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