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    I think there needs to be a second sea zone between England and W. Europe and a third one between England and the Baltic.  Make Op. Sea Lion less of a crap shoot by making it clear and evident when a German player is going to try and pull a hat-trick by sacrificing a few fighters to get 35 IPC on G2.

  • Sounds like you just got burned in a game…

    You are talking some of hte shortest distances overwhich naval combat occured in WWII, and you want to make it the equivalent of half of the Pacific Ocean for game purposes?

  • yeah its quite small area there

    you could do something to the World At War map though

  • Jen, it sounds like you may need to check your ‘6’. :roll:

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    Actually, I just did a game of Battleship Row on TripleA and I have to admit, I like that all land units are 1 movement, fleet is 1 movement and planes are 2 or 3 movements…that’s probably better. 🙂

    Yea, I did.  Forgot to leave fighters on England and Germany sacrificed 4 of their 6 fighters and an infantry to take England and then ringed it in ships so they could hold it for a full turn.

  • the “taking England with 1 infantry” issue has been raised before in the making of AARHE too

    one suggestion was you need a certain number of units to hold an enemy territory

    the rule was something like you need X units where X is the VCP of the Victory City

    we didn’t go ahead cos it could get complex with a new “contested control” control status

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    If you were going to go that route, you should just say 50% of the territory’s value in unit numbers.  England: 4; Germany 5 etc

  • yep that can model more forces required to secure more production and income generating facilities

    whereas VCP “victory city points” model more forces required to secure larger population…yet not precisely that
    the VCP numbers were made for infantry raising capability

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    I just had a thunk:

    You conquer England and you get 4 IPC irregardless.  However, if you station 4 infantry there you can get all 8 IPC. (no more then max for the territory.)  Likewise with Germany, you get 5 IPC no matter what as long as you have your flag on the territory, but if you want full value you have to station 5 infantry there.

    Basically, each infantryman will add 1 IPC up to the units value over half the territory’s value - rounded up.

    Should add an interesting twist to the game.

  • hey yeah!!!
    we could do something like that for AARHE

    the realism aspect is easily explained
    you need substantial forces to maintain control of an enemy Capital, due to enemy patriotism, pride, dignity, etc

    it’ll go under “Collect Income” phase

    Conquer Capital

    A captured capital territory do not generate full income unless you have the number of occupying land units equal to half the territory’s IPC income.

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    You could even extract that over other territories.

    For instance, India is worth 3 IPC.  So you would need 1 infantry to get all 3 IPC or no infantry and get 2 IPC. (To signify damage sustained from the underground.)

  • That would be a big help to UK.

    Africa would be virtually worthless to Germany (no way to get enough forces there to get territories to pay anything, so why bother?

    That would would effectively mandate the Axis go KRF.

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    Actually, a territory worth 1 IPC would have full payout.  Egypt and S. Africa would be the only two territories Germany would have to station troops in (1 infantry each) to get full price for them.

  • Yeah I thought extending to all territories.
    And I also thought of ncscswitch’s comment.

    Its easy to argue why realistically only enemy Capital require this.
    We could consider extending to all Victory Cities, but that might be too much too.

    What we could also do, is that conquer Capitals goes back to original control if not occupied by you have no land units there.
    And I just realise I didn’t finish typing the draft rule.

    Conquer Capital

    A captured capital territory generates 50% less income unless controlling player occupies it with sufficient number of land units. The number of land units required is equal to half the number of IPCs in income.

    Capital Territory          Units
    Germany/Berlin          5
    Japan/Tokyo          4
    Russia/Moscow          4
    United Kingdom/Londom          4
    Eastern United States/Wasington DC          6

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