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    Need some clarification here folks.

    Japan owns India and Caucusus, with 1 US INF standing between them in Persia.  Japan attacks the US INF in Persia with everything from India except its tanks.

    After Japan captures Persia, can Japan (in noncombat move phase) then roll the tanks from India through Persia into Caucusus to link up with the other Japanese forces?

    Please help, because an epic battle awaits the ruling.  My Moscovians have long since had Czarist History removed from the classroom and replaced with Vocational Electronics courses.

  • Yes.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator


    No combat takes place in the now cleared Persia and no combat takes place in Caucasus so it does not violate the rules of non-combat moves.  (Assuming of course, those units had 2 spaces to move left to them and they were not already moved at some point.)

    The only exceptions are landing fighters in newly conqured lands and moving through canals.

  • Yep, totally legal.

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