• Ok the rules say that if units that are being transported they cannot be fired apon. Does this also work for units that are using the firing platform since they fire at my infantry, can I fire back at them or not.

  • Hi LLoyd,  Not sure if this helps.

    The way I read it is no.  If your a purest towards the rules then that speaks for it’s self.  Realistically the unit is firing from a covered position (ie armored vehicle) thus the armored vehicle would receive the damage before the infantry.  But the flip side to that would be since the infantry is inside the unit it is fairly risky to be around enemy armor since if destroyed you lose 2 units.  Just my view of things, hope it helps.

    Axis Fan

  • Axisfan is correct.  Just like the Transport ability, the unit using the “firing platform” cannot be attacked directly.

    However, the only units I’ve seen thus far that have a Firing Platform are weak-a$$ halftracks, with 2/2 armor.  :evil:

  • Im not sure if this would be allowed but why not but Artillery or some other anti-infantry weapon on the firing platform and then use it to wipe out the enemy infantry… Just a thought

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