• Gotta pass the time somehow

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    POT SHOT:  AA Gun shots at solitary SBR Bombers

    BTW, if the destroyer goes down, can you call, in your best demented dinosaurs sicentist’s voice: “WE NEED ANOTHER TIMMEY!!!” wink (I assume some of you saw the television show Dinosaurs, if not, then blah on you, you young whipper-snapper land lubbers!)

  • “I’m the Baby…gotta love me.” :-D

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    Not da momma!!!

  • I  like the one where he was out back throwing bags of cement in gleeful preparation for his Mother-In-Law’s Hurling.

    I don’t know if it qualifies as a colloquialism but one game someone was crying about the dice and we gave them a block of pink ones and his luck turned. So you might sometimes hear, “Are those pink f** dice supposed to intimidate me?”

    That is more an inside joke and only if you have seen Tin Cup.

    And I think this makes post number 500 for me.  :-o Wow.  :-o

  • Heres how it unfolds……

    " okay, I got 4 ones - 2 twos - a three - and 4 fours. And you got 6 dueces."  Â

    “WHOA whoa whoa … first I got two zitties at your bombers.”

    “oh yeah……SH%^$#…miss em…miss em!!!”

  • craig that is too funny

  • panda car, a british tank espesially attackin germany.

  • Barber Pole = Large stacks of red and white chips that cut your attacking forces to shreds.

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    Is that a high and tight or a crew cut?  (Strafe reduction of your forces or full scale invasion?)

  • “pay the toll” - when your fighting those very small battles and after a million rolls you lose a piece and your opponent loses a piece. So your paying the price for crossing the border… hence paying the toll.

    “Ack Ack” : Anti- Aircraft guns

    “glub glub” say this when you sink your opponents ships. Example: “Im gonna glub glub that US battleship”

    “French Navy” When you lost your navy you have been French navied.

    “Charlie” a contantly used word  by the Japanese player for the Allies. Example: Hey Charlie… Tojo just wiped out Hawaii… how you like it charlie?

    “boys… too many boys”: when you attack france on a shoestring budget. This was a line from battle of the bulge movie.

    " Adolf…you going volkstrum allready?"  Said when germany is allready on the ropes and is just buying infantry to prolong his defeat.

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    I thought glub glubs were limited to naval losses to U-Boats only?

  • “Tink”… the wasted first hit on a Battleship

    A hold-over from my AD&D days where a certain spell called “stoneskin” made you immune to attack from one opponent for 1 round (You got hit, and if you had one of those spells on you, you just said “tink” as in the sound of steel hitting stone.

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    Played a game once where Russia could make 5 hit battleships.

    Talk about fun!

  • Browsing through old thread topics, found this one and realized I have an addition…

    We call a Carrier with 2 Fighters on it a Kwik-E-Mart.  Bonus points for whoever can figure out why.


  • Because it attacks as a 7, and defends as an 11 :-P

  • Beat me to it.  :-)

  • My friend calls a loaded aircraft carrier a ‘key defensive position’ as a joke and refuses to call it an aircraft carrier.

    One strategy we use is for complete naval domination of the mediterranean, since it helps to hold africa and leave untis out of southern europe, so we call southern europe the soft underbelly since its always undefended.

    Any time 2 massive forces collide for strafing where both of them will surely be killed (usually germany killing off a mass of russian tanks with whatever they ahve around), we say ‘MU-TUAAAL DESTRUUUCTIOOOOOON’ in weird deep voices.  I assure you this IS the corniest thing we do.  :-P

    We have a lot weirder terminology for risk though.  We played once at school and nobody knew what we were talking about because we kept calling things ‘bitchfights’ and ‘poopshoots’.

  • @ncscswitch:

    Because it attacks as a 7, and defends as an 11 :-P

    Ding ding ding ding ding!  We have a winner!  The old 7-11!


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    I’ve got a couple:

    Fish Condos: newly built german ships

    WWHD: what we say when a player is over thinking a move - What Would Hitler Do

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