List of standard acronyms…noob confused by IPC, IC, FIG, KJF, etc...

  • Please, I just bought this game a couple days ago, and have enjoyed reading these forums, but I’m having to skip alot of info, simply because I don’t understand all these abbreviations.  Can someone point me to a list of accepted ones?

  • I’ll take a shot.

    IPC is Industrial Production Certificate. That’s the monopoly money in the set you use to purchase units. Units are built in territories with an
    IC Industrial Complex
    KJF is Kill Japan First a strategy where the Allies attempt to take Japan out of the game before taking out Germany
    KGF is Kill Germany First
    SBR is Strategic Bombing Run

    Most of the others are just short hand for units or territories.
    INF– Infantry
    ART or RTL– Artillery
    ARM– Tanks  or Armor (as called in classic)
    SS or SUB– Submarines
    FIG or FTR –Fighter
    DD or DES – Destroyer
    BB – Battleship
    BOM or BMR- Bomber
    AA – Anti-Aircraft
    WUS–Western United States, KAR-- Karelia, CAU-- Caucauses and so on.

    As you play some games and get familiar with the rules it will be second nature to you before you know it. Especially if you start playing by forum.

  • For some of the territories:

    WUS: Western United States
    EUS: Eastern United States
    WCan: Western Canada
    ECan: Eastern Canada
    WRU: West Russia
    FIC: French IndoChina
    FEA: French Equatorial Africa
    FWA: French West Africa
    Bury: Buryatia S.S.R.
    SE: Southern Europe
    WE: Western Europe
    EE: Eastern Europe…

  • Here is my noob question: why CV for an aircraft carrier?

  • Carrier Vessel

  • And adding a few to Frimmel’s list…

    DD, DES, DST:  Destroyer
    AC, CV:  Aircraft Carrier

    Strategy Elements:
    WRS:  West Russia Stack (a large cluster of Russian forces in West Russian, typically created on Russias first move)
    SJF:  Slow Japan First (an Allied strategy designed to cripple Japan income and/or advances in Asia while still putting primary effort on killing Germany

    R1, UK2, J4, etc.
    Letter is nation, number is game turn.  So…
    R1:  Russia Turn 1 (begining of the game)
    R4:  Russia Turn 4

    T1, T5, etc.
    Generic turn designation, not nation specific unless context makes it nation specific.

  • Adding some more
    SZX…. Sea Zone number X
    LL… Low Luck (a variant of A&A nearly without luck)
    LHTR… Larry Harris Tournament Rules

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Even more:

    SSX: Super Submarines Tech
    JP: Jet Power Tech
    HB: Heavy Bomber Tech
    LRA: Long Range Aircraft Tech

    T-J: Trans-Jordan
    SFE: Soviet Far East
    FIC: French Indo-China (Three most abbreviated and confusing abbreviated provinces, IMHO)

  • thank you all very much, helps alot!

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    Here is my noob question: why CV for an aircraft carrier?

    The V is not for “vessel”, though that would make intuitive sense.  As usual, the right answer doesn’t exactly make sense.

    The C is for Carrier and the V is for Fixed Wing Aircraft (as opposed to helicopters).  Don’t ask me why, CV’s CVNs, whatever – they’re all just TARGETS to me.    :mrgreen:

    I know that a Navy (fixed wing) fighter squadron carries that V as in “VF-19”.  Look for that the next time you watch “Top Gun.”

  • You missed one key abbreviation:

    GRL = Greenland.  For all the millions of times it’s mentioned in strategic articles.


  • @OutsideLime:

    You missed one key abbreviation:

    GRL = Greenland.  For all the millions of times it’s mentioned in strategic articles.


    GRL = what you go out and have fun with on Saturday nights.

    GR = the sound her daddy makes when he sees you.

    G = you.

  • i think this should be stickyed. makes more sense if this was moved to Player Help forum though.( if i had to look for it thats were  i would look first)

  • This got necroed when someone started a new thread on this subject. A sticky in help is probably a good idea. Probably time for the A& official guide to PBEM and PBF.

  • Stickied…

  • BB=battleship

    -.- =artillery
    8= fighter
    AA= anti-air

  • If I’m not mistaken, “CV” was the designation given an aircraft carrier by the US Navy circa WWII.  Such as “CV-112” or whatever.  It still had a name, such as “USS Yorktown”.  But “CV-###” was its numerical designation.  I am sure some history buff out there will correct me on this, but I believe that’s the derivation.

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    History buff, retired Navy Chief, all in one!!

    The following link provides an excellent discussion on US Navy ship type abbreviations and provides links to a great many of those same ships.

    BTW, the reason Aircraft Carriers have “C” in their abbreviation has nothing to do with being a “Carrier” but instead is rooted to the fact that the very first US Navy Aircraft Carrier, USS Langley, was converted from “Collier #3”, the second one, USS Lexington, was orginally planned as a Battle Cruiser “CC-1” before being converted during construction to “CV-2” and the third one was also orginally planned as s Battle Cruiser, “CC-3” before being converted during construction to “CV-3”.  The “V” designator was already being used to identify aircraft squadrons on fleet asset lists so it seems to have been brought over to the “CV” class to indicate the ship was a Cruiser hull converted to carry aircraft.  I have always wondered if we would have BVs instead of CVs if the first conversions had been based on battleship hulls.  To my knowledge the nation to convert a battleship to an aircraft carrier was Japan with the Shinano.

    Battle Cruiser hulls CC-2, 4, 5 and 6 were cancelled during construction but their names might be familiar.  USS Constellation, USS Ranger and USS United States all became names assigned to the carrier fleet but the USS United States (CVA-58) was cancelled five days after construction started in favor of instead build a bunch of B-36 bombers.

    You might also be interested in learning that the USS Maine of “Remember the Maine” fame never had a BB number assigned to her although she is considered to be the second battleship ever built by the US Navy, the USS Texas being the first.  BB-1 is the USS Indiana even though she is the third battleship built by the United States.

    Confused yet?

    Try the submarine group.  The first submarine build for the United States was the “Plunger” but SS-1 was the USS Holland while SS-2 was the USS Plunger.  Of course it was not the same Plunger.  Then we have SS-105, the “USS S-1”.  Such an original name.  Mind the “S” was not for “submarine”.  It was the next letter after “R” since we had already built submarines of classes A, C, B, D, G, F, E, H, K, L, M, AA, N, T, and O.
    Of course, my first most favorite submarine is the USS Trutta, SS-421.  I still remember visiting my dad when he was the engineering officer on her.  My second most favorite submarine is the USS San Francisco, SSN-711.  She only got onto my favorite list after my four years of service on her were over.

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    Anyone remember what PIP stands for…  I know it’s totally all the attack/defending values, but not sure what it stands for.

  • Pips are the dots on a die…

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