Star Wars!

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    Well, I took my 3yr old to see episode II. He fell asleep durring the Big chase seen. LOL I guess he wasn’t quite ready for it.

    I have one thing to say, Yoda rocks!

    By the way I was 5 years old in 77 aswell 😄

  • Nice try though. Hey, if your son turns into a fan, he’ll be happy knowing he went. If he remembers some of it or not!

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    Yoda did kick ass, as did Dooku. The tradition of strong Sith Lords continues. I don’t think there is anything better in movies than lightsaber battles. Oh, Mace was a bad-ass as well.

  • I was still waiting for Samuel L Jackson (aka Mace) to tell the Dark Lords, “Don’t make me get medieval on your ass.” As you can tell, I’m also a big fan of his work on Pulp Fiction. Guess that part was edited out. Oh yeah, Yoda Rocks. Still waiting for a whip-like lightsaber (imagine how deadly this would be) maybe in Ep. 3.

    Field Marshal,
    Hope my question is answered along with a few others. Well at least I know why Vader stopped Boba Fett from shooting Chewie in Ep. 5 because he was carrying C-3P0. Lets hope this similar case resolves.

  • TG Moses VI - That’s still being debated at the official Star Wars site’s forums. I don’t go to it often due to the endless sea of posts. Alot of reading through trash to get to something of substance…

  • um not all jedi vanish when they die (qui gon, darth maul, and the many that are slaughtered in Ep 2) There is a large debate as to how/why yoda and obi-wan vanish so hopefully we will find out in e3. But more importantly, we get to find out who Sifo-Dias is, sorry for those that haven’t seen it yet but go see it now! I’m betting my money on qui gon…i know its a long shot but hey, they thought he was obi (both have similar looks), he “died 10 years earlier”, as did qui gon, and qui gon was all about gettin anakin trained, despite what the council said…mua ha ha that would be a good twist

  • On 2002-05-22 22:54, TG Moses VI wrote:
    I was still waiting for Samuel L Jackson (aka Mace) to tell the Dark Lords, “Don’t make me get medieval on your ass.” As you can tell, I’m also a big fan of his work on Pulp Fiction.

    Yeah TG, Samuel L Jackson rules! Have you seen The Negotiator?

  • Geez! That was me…
    Oh yeah, and ‘don’t make me get medieval on your ass’, that was Ving Rhames who said it in Pulp Fiction! (I also love the movie.)

    “No Bastard ever won a war by dying for his country; he won it by making the other poor dumb Bastard die for his country.”

    • Gen. George S. Patton

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  • I finally saw it yesterday. It hurt. I loved the first 3/saw them in theaters (yes, i’m that old) - especially ROTJ. The Phantom Menace was a little bit painful, but i found that i was slapping myself upside my head to avoid the deeper pain of the movie. The “Romeo and Juliette” meets “Gladiator” motifs killed an otherwise amazing series for me. The “Lord of the Rings” (army making scenes), clone-war, Jedi-ruling-ass scenes, and some of the chase scenes were the few bright spots in a dreck-filled movie with bad, bland acting, worse dialogue, and an unnecessary love-story with a lot of whining by Anakin. oh yeah, and the movie’s other saving grace were it’s special effects, the cinematography (looked like a little “Blade Runner”, no?) and the Yoda-on-amphetamines (although i did like Portman’s outfits from time to time 😄 ).
    Now the first 3 had it all. Star destroyers, storm-troopers marching all over the place, cowboys-on-pieces of junk (millenium falcons, as it were), and Alec Guinness. Oh yeah, and LEAH! Now there’s a WOMAN!!!
    Also i agree that TESB is the greatest so far. Hoth, cloud city, star destroyers, a very demanding Vadar, strong acting all around with the possible exception of Mark Hamel who really grew into his character.
    flame away.

  • Geezz… Chris. You got to start learn to type your user name before posting! Hahaha 😄

    Jackson is a versatile actor and I thought his acting talents would be used much more on a larger scale. He seems too cool and understanding, but I guess the “being a Jedi” part explains it. Oh well, (SPOILER!!!) at least Jackson does get Medieval of Jango’s arse, though the fight scene was a little too simplistic. Just wish he had a larger role in taking down that scumlord, Count Dakoo.

    Negotiator is a really intelligent, well thought out movie with plenty of twist and turns. Of course you can say that about almost any movie Jackson stars in. BTW, Kevin Spacey does a good job at acting too.

  • I would seem to disagree. Out of all the Star Wars movies I seen (and I also a huge fan), AOTC ranks as only behind ROTJ and the series best, Empire Strikes Back. Granted there was a huge Romeo and Juliet love story that I felt could’ve been done much better (what do you expect from a single, middle aged man). I’m not sure what Gladiator motif you’re talking about, but ATOC beats Gladiator hands down in both politically and in fight scenes. The acting and dialogue could’ve been done better, but other then Anakin and Ben, all the other main character played their roles fittingly. OF course, who can compare to the likes of Harrison Ford and James Earl Jones?

    Also, like whining Luke, you’re going to need whining by Anakin. It’s just a part of the story that has to be done. And both Anakin and Luke do end up becoming Dark Jedi (Luke in Ep. 7-9), so it isn’t any simple coincidence. Blade Runner? I would know since this is one of my favorite movies of all time ( again, thank you Harrison Ford 😄 ). It’s true that they both center around high technology with huge gaps between the rich and poor, but Courscant is much futuristic and immaculate than the grim and gritty future version of Los Angeles. The Bar Scene however, was very much Blade Runnish, though the scene is good enough to stand on its own.

  • Now the great part about AOTC is that you once again see Star Destroys (victory class) and stormtroopers (clone troopers), which were much better compared with the mundane Battle Droids from the Ep. 1 (though the Destroyer Droids were plain awesome). The huge Battle Scene at the end was truly magnificent, and I’m even starting to think it better than the Battle of Hoth (though I have to view it again before I can make a firm decision).

    What’s great about Ep.2 is that it functions much of the same ESB in terms of transition. Instead of the one-shot Darth Maul, we have Count Dakoo, which bested the likes of both Anakin and Ben. The Droid Control Ships are back, and this sets the seen for what might be the greatest Space Battle of all time (one area where ROTJ has an upper hand over ESB). Plus any movie where the bad guys win (evident with launching of thousands of Clone Troopers and Star Destroyers) deserves my check of approval. One another thing, Yoda rocks!!

  • Moses - all interesting and fair points.
    still thought it sucked tho’. I was in a pain not felt since . . .

  • Ha, then it is a disturbance in the Force… 😄

    Well, everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion. Personally, I really didn’t like the whole “young” Bobba Fett thing. Same goes with Jango, I would’ve liked him better if he had kept his mask on. Lets hope that we don’t see Bobba offing Mace in the next movie! But aside from that, Star Wars was great for me. It was a little long, but I enjoyed every minute of it. You really need to be able to set yourself for the next movie and have a bit of everything for every Star Wars junkie like me. And the scenery was plain majestic. I loved how they recreated Naboo and Courscant. But let me tell you, Ep. III better have a galactic star better than is at least on par with Endor (no single A-wings destroying the Executor or Ewoks please?), OR ELSE!!! 😉

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