• OK, today I got what I consider to be one of the greatest pulls ever.  When I went to my local store, I bought five D-Day boosters. 
    The rares were a Vet Tiger, a Focke-Wulf Fw 190A, a Messerschmidt Me 110, a Lockheed P-38G Lightning, and a Hawker Typhoon.

    Anyone else recall any particularly good or bad single purchases?

  • I only bought a few booster and these are some of the highlights. A T-34 a KV a P-51 a Me 110 and two Pzfw 4. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I thought it was tight.

  • Last league play torrny I bought 2 boosters 1 base set the other set 2… I got Tiger 1 and King Tiger… crazy!

  • Very nice dictator!  I for one love the King Tiger.  😉

  • I’ve had some bad one’s  I bought 3 boosters (1 contested and 2 set II)  I got a chaffee, a Jagdpanzer IV and 7TPdw.  This was pretty bad considering I am particularly interested in German units.  In addition I have had some bad luck with getting some commons.  I think I’ve purchased 3 base sets and never once got a SSpanzer gren !!  (Thank again agent for the reinforcements!!! I think getting them from you was the only way I was going to see what they looked like)  On a good note I purchase 2 D-days got a vet Tiger and a P-38.  So it’s his or miss with me.


    Axis fan

  • Well I buy in cases, not boosters but the nicest ones have been where I get the set with two cases. The worst was Contested Skies where I was missing 5 because I got doubles and TRIPLES of some rares.

  • Bought 2 D-Day boosters. First I got a Hezter & Veteran Tiger. 2nd I got a FLAK 88. Best pull ever!

  • Bought a contested sky booster yesterday and I’d call what I got a carpark pull.

    I got a Puma (which I allready love, despite not having played it yet)

    … a Katusya (how do you use this whitout a spotter? 1/1 defence!)

    and that japanese armored car (which is either off-scale or was freaking huge in real)

    This was my first contested sky booster so no double’s or tripples or quadrippels (I bought about 6 base pack boosters and now I’ve got five 6-pounders… :S )

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