Ladies and gentlemen… Place your bets.

  • Hey all, yeah, I’m still alive, fun huh? So this weekend, I’ve organized a game of A&A with 5 other members of the military history department, (btw, advice on the best way to play with 6 players would be nice, obviously two separate games, but how would each work?) and this seems like the perfect time to attempt a sociological experiment. Will they feel compelled to follow the example of history? Will the Axis players realize their historical shortcomings and seek a different path to victory? Will it prove that social scientists are incapable of rational, logistical thought? Or will it just be a usual old cut-throat game of A&A? Choose now, and I’ll post the winning result after the game(s). (and seriously, 6 players, wtf?)

  • I feel itll go exactly how it went down in the real war.

  • 2007 AAR League

    They’ll play like any other noobs!  :-D

    Russia going Naval!
    German landings in Canada!
    UK ICs in India, Australia, Eastern Canada & South Africa – by turn 2!
    Japanese going for UK – by Panama Canal!
    …and the US, finally, spending its first three turns buying useless subs – only to have them sunk by Japanese fighter/bomber attacks, before even leaving harbor!

    • in other words: Utter chaos!!! (and a solid Axis win)  :wink:

  • If they’ve never played the game, I would say that they’ll play just like any other person that has never played the game. They would try to make strategies, but b/c of never playing before, and not knowing the game mechanics well, they may fail. I don’t think it will go the way the real war went. They are just gonna see what is the best thing they can do with the units and money they are given.

  • I choose option #2. Not knowing the game but knowing history would lead inadvertantly to the assumption that art imitates life. The Axis would probably go harder for africa while avoiding the pitfalls in the Soviet Union. I think the Japanese player would go right away for India as his primary VC focus and leave Russia alone for the most part until he consolidated China and India.

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