• Hi guys,

    When using banzai charge is there a limit in the number of hexes a unit can cross before attacking the enemy unit? Thanks in advance!

  • You can only Banzai charge into an adjacent hex.

  • Thanks, I guess it makes sense, allthough it isn’t specified on the card or the SA discription… Maybe I’ll make a house rule that two hexes is the maximum, feels more real somehow…

  • While on this subject, will the opossing unit still be able to do defensive fire on a unit doing banzai charge?

  • I think I saw the answer to that in an earlier topic. The answer is yes but you can of course let multiple units banzai charge which makes it harder for the enemy unit.

    The question about the source for the number of hexes limitation still stands… I mean there should be a limit (otherwise I could move across the entire map in the firs attack phase, but two hexes seems better then only one. How do you feel about this?

  • Nowhere on Banzai charge does it state your opponent cannot defencive-fire against it.
    If the defencive-fire is succesful the banzai-charging unit can no longer gets to attack unless it was stopped in the same hex as the target (which would seem a rather foolish thing to do).

    It would be completely up to you if you want to House Rule Banzai charge, just be aware those are the actual rules if you ever play in a standard/tournament game. For the most part these changes were made so BMWs couldn’t Evel Knievel across 5-7 hexes to knock out tanks, etc. As it doesn’t work on artillery I don’t believe there’s any other units a 2+ charge distance would apply to.

    Here is the location of the FAQs and errata pages: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=ah/aam/ah20050914a

  • Well the rules do spell it out well on what you can do and can expect with the Banzai Charge

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