New Axis & Allies Global War Variant (free map)

  • You could also make some adjustments yourself? not…  It is for personal gameplay… Why not change the color or spelling errors yourself… It is not to hard to figure out…

  • tried already.  Not experienced with the software.  even Positronica said I would have a difficult time trying to edit it with little experience.

  • I would be more than willing to make the modifications/edits to the map, including altering terriroty colors, fixing the names that are wrong, etc. I am a commercial artist, and have been working professionally in the field for about 17 years, so I have the ability and computer software to easily edit this. I actually converted the Paint Shop files from Positronica into Photoshop Files (I work in Photoshop CS2 and Illustrator CS2).

    If you all would like to discuss the changes, agree upon what needs to be done, and send me the master change list, I’ll go in and redo the map, but it wont happen until after the first of the year because I have other projects that I am doing now for clients.

    Since there should be no discussion over mis-spelled countries, please send me that info first.

    Also, DER PANZINATOR mentioned he had the original vector line art file that POSITRONICA used to create this map, I would like to get a copy of that if possible to work from because the map that POSITRONICA did was only 200 dpi, so it is slightly grainy/fuzzy and not crisp and clean like it should be.

    I also have a wide format printer, I can print 4’ wide by however long this map needs to be. So for instance, I can do a single 4’x8’ sheet, and would be happy to do prints for everyone here when complete for my COST PLUS SHIPPING!!! I dont want/need/ask for any extra money for profit, I have a gaming group here in Central Florida, so I’d be more than happy to network with other gaming groups and share my capabilities, so long as I am not losing money I am happy…


  • I’d be down with buying a copy from you, in a heartbeat. As for changes to the map, the only one that I saw was dividing the black sea into 2 territories instead of 1.

  • Ok, what ParagonGames offers sounds really good…

  • Well guys, the bottom line is I’ll be redoing the map regardless (unless the original creator or Pointstronic wants to do it), because my gaming group did have a lot of fun.

    So go ahead and compile all the changes and I’ll take the orders, I wont start the map itself until after the holidays becasue I am too busy, so no rush to iron out the details this week, that will put us in FEB. before we’ll have printed maps, so we will be doing good.


  • OK, if those mistakes are final in those two posts and there are no others, I’ll use those two emails as the list of corrections.


  • In post 39 I included markers for Italy and Nationalist Chinese.  These would make a nice addition to the map.



  • Thanks pdel21, does everyone think that is a good idea, and should China be a different color than the green it is now?


  • Derek,

    I think the colour that Positronica used is sufficient.  The marker would be a nice addition since China already is shaded differently from all others,  even though it is controlled by the USA.  It would be the same as in AAP.  It would be nice for aesthetics.  The roundel for Italy I think is a must since the Roman Fascia was the symbol of Italy adopted by Mussollini at the time.  The marker used by Positronica would have been adopted after the war.

  • I agree on the logo for Italy, no problem… Some of the colors were a little too dark on the map (in the opinions of all the gamers in my group that played), and the UK territory seemed to have a pinkish/orange color to it, where as the pieces were tan, also Germany was a bit too dark, overall not bad, but those are comments that were made when compared to the actual A&A pieces used to play, and I agreed with everyone that it would be nicer if the map more closely matched the pieces. 🙂

  • I agree with Craig.  My print out sounds very much like his, with light blue bordering on grey for water. Everyone in my gaming group thinks it is visually stunning at the moment.  I am not sure how your plotter is interpreting the colours in the jpeg, that may be the issue.

  • I modified positrona’s map to include France basically a 1939 varient.  But I am having trouble printing it out.  I have had no time to work on it but if anyone wants it I can post it on rapidshare.

  • Hey Craig,

    I think the reason may be the printer, I am printing it on a very high resolution, digital, wide-format printer with glossy photo paper, at which point the paper is then laminated. The map you saw that I printed needs to be rolled into a tube, it will not fold or bend, also, you can wash it with soap/water/windex/etc., it will last decades…

    So I think the process of printing makes things a bit darker and shiny looking on the final print.


  • I agree with Craig.  I think that is the best approach to take.

  • Thats fine, I’ll just do two versions then and on the version I post for you guys to take a copy off, I’ll leave the coloring exactly the same values as it is now on the current version! 🙂

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    Post one version thats either Jpeg in full size or PDF. I cannot download this file it allways opens in a format thats a bunch of scrambled text. I have the program and the file and no go.

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    We just finished a game on this map. It ended an axis victory with the fall of russia. ( my opponent gave up after). There are a few map mechanics that I question though.

    Japanese anchor in Marianas doesn’t reach japan, it should.
    Japan needs an anchor on the west coast side as well
    Needs an anchor in  eastern france as well or sea zones 28 and 32 need to connect like in Europe edition.

    Other then that the map plays really smooth.
    Italy Rocks, its my new favorite country, Jut kidding, but it sure is nice to have an axis 1-2 punch like britain, america.
    Wasn’t quite sure on how i wanted to use the new country, but they had 1 responsibility, securing the Med. With a little help from the german baltic fleet via channel dash. the italians took afrika wiht little help from germany, And eventually heldd all of afrika and middle east and took turkey and then began amphibous landins in the black sea. Then italy attacked into russia before germany and via this new axis teriitory came germany’s on slaught of soviet russia By this time japan had taken india and had lost french indo china region with factory on siagon and phillipines japan had made it into russia all the way to northern Kaszastan using siberian railway all the way from the coastwith some 20 something inf, 12 tanks, 2 fighters and 3 bombers.

    The allies had made some big strides in the pacific retook alot of captured territory including a factory  Australian and american navy was huge, un fortunatly the japs were split into 2 fleets, to small alone but together they were also nasty.
    The British navy in the atlantic was massive in all aspects and the americans had a major amphibous train going on.
    I would have to say after playing on this map Italy definatly evens things out a bit for the axis
    Thank you for the map it is awesome

  • Looks like you put a lot of time into the map and thank you for posting it online for us. I have breifly looked it over and my initial response is, wow, that is freakin huge. Africa, China, and Russia seem a lot bigger. A game on this could take 12+ hours easily.

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    Our game went 4 days between work and off time

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    Hey Derek,

    Are you still going to do this?  I would like to see the file as a PDF or Jpeg, and depending on the cost may be interested in a print.

  • Has this worthwhile project died??? Please say it isn’t so!!!

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    no just pm those who are working on the thing. Something will eventually come out of it.

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    Well played another game, and I still have to say this map is GREAT! It ended this time as an allied victory, mostly in part to my opponents timing of a major Push into Russia and the fact he delayed on pushing on Moscow. ( he took Stalingrad instead). 
    We have yet used NA’s  but we do use a tech tree 12 techs large. Any one still working on this. besides me.

  • My group and I are still waiting and hoping that corrections to the map will be made prior to printing and plaquing or laminating it.

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