New Axis & Allies Global War Variant (free map)

  • I’ve been thinking about a 39 start variant and one option would be to make cut out templates that would go over France and Poland and others, then when they are taken simply remove the template and the territory is German.

    That would work for the map but then you’ve got set up and how to contain the Japanese until 41 etc. etc.

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    But they would probably not survive the first turn.
    a. if I do this, should their be a Vichy Fleet?

    +++++++ yes at Dakar

    b. Should I build France, With a touch of Zeno Games mentality?

    ++++++ its the only way to make it painless. a scripted result when it falls is the answer.

    c. limit Japans and US’s Options or phases of their first turn.

    +++++++++ for 1939? yes basically frozen till activated, if japan does not attack by turn X, then USA automatically declares war. YOu can also simulate the oil embargo by reducing Japan’s income, unless they take oil centers

    If I Create France, should I do Same with Poland? I am thinking No, but could be convinced possibly.

    ++++++++ you need a space for Poland its too large to leave out.

    of the existing NB’s and AB’s, which would you like to see go bye bye and others that may need to just slide a little.

    ++++++ NB AB?? huh?

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    NB= Navel Base
    AB= Air Base

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    only NB. their is not way in hell that each land territory doesn’t have latterly hundreds of air fields, except for a few pacific islands.

    Only major ports can repair warships and i dont see more than about 15 of these on the map.

    If you go the other way every sea zone will have a prt and every land territory will have an airbase… so whats the point?

    keep it simple.

  • im new and wanted to see the map, the links in the first page are dead links.
    is there a new up to date link?

  • @Pervavita:

    im new and wanted to see the map, the links in the first page are dead links.
    is there a new up to date link?

    Go back and see my post on page 43 or 42.  That should show you the map.

  • that is one vary nice map… and huge, now i just have to kick the family out of the house for a week to use the living room  😄

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    yes there is a new link 0n pg 43.

    Media fire

    Still working on map, sorry for no update on Sat. like I had Hoped

  • Lovely map - going to try and get this printed for a Christmas game.

    Although, I think I’d like to try and chop it up - have the right hand side as the Pacific map, with the US shrunk to an inset box. Then the left hand side will be the Russian front zoomed in at the top half, and the bottom half I’m going to use for the Convoys and Naval warfare in the Atlantic.

    Africa, and central Asia I’ll probably leave as inset boxes with arrows, rather than have them take up too much map space. Most of the units end up in the middle bit of Europe, so I want that super size…

    But since the file is a Jpeg this is going to be near impossible!!!

    Is there a illustrator or original file in vector format to allow people to edit - or is it the high rest JPEG only?

    The territories and port placements are fantastic - must have taken a lot of work to figure that all out.

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    Alright, I have corrected all the spelling errors that have been brought to my attention thus far
    these would include all but Yakut and Columbia from Page 3, Columbia is spelled correctly and I didn’t think that changing to Yakutia from Yakut made that big of a Difference.

    The German Territories below Sahara have been changed to English Colors and their IPC values Removed.

    I have also Made the Map about 12 inches by 8 inches larger. Piece density should be better.

    I am Going to Start a new thread with the rules posted and the map without the Previosly mentioned corrections made, this is so folks Can find it Easier

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    I have started a 1939 Varient also from this Map.

    In my house we play on Plexi Glass sheets so this make this easy. plus it holds down the map flat Cause mines rolled up in a tube for storage.

    Because of the texture and color mixture used on the original map, I have to change all the colors.
    I have Added France, Poland, Indo China

    France and Poland, French IndoChina and others. will be made on seperate Sheets with a “pull tab” so you can place your map down, add French and Polish overlays, then Plexi, then Pieces, so when you Conquer an area or Liberate it you can change colors easily. Slide in Slide out.
    I have Made a Set up chart for them and would like a little help figuring out a proper set up for them. Keep in mind, that they probably will not be on board for long. 1 turn, maybe 2 Maybe.
    I do not want to add any more land territory so little hep with which territories should be French or not would be nice.

    As for game play, I like the idea of a German 2 attack first turn some how. Maybe like Xemo Game?
    I am also Partial to the way they handled Japans surprise attack in the Pacific Edition. Maybe Germany could be The Same, Def units Def on a 1 no matter what it is.

  • So what stage of development did we roll back to? May right?
    And whats the future direction?

  • Hey, this is my Supreme Command map.  If your wondering where it came from then check here:
    I still have the original vector map illustrator file too.
    I’ve actually seen a few versions of this floating around now.  This one looks very nice.  I didn’t get a chance yet to go through the 45 pages of this thread.  Is there a recent link to the most updated map?
    It’s cool to see this one getting some use.  I’ve become such a 15mm Flames of War junkie that I just never get around to doing anything with my old A&A maps anymore.  :roll:

    If you guys want to playtest this with Mapview I can still make modules.  😄

  • Ah, so I read back a couple of pages and it looks like a vector file would come in handy.  I always seem to sense these things after months or years I just happen to get an urge to check one of these forums.  8-)
    Let me see what I’ve got and I can probably send something to Imperious Leader.  I remember Aaron having you over to his house in Dallas a few times but I never got a chance to meet you.  I’m sure it would be in good hands with you.  I believe I have it in an Illustrator CS format but I might be able to save it to another version.  Actually I’ll need to dig up my Illustrator install since I don’t even have it loaded on my current laptop.
    I would get a kick out of seeing this monster get some sort of completion.

  • Imperious Leader is going to be very happy.

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    Dear Comrade:

    If you have that map i will transform it and finish it for everybody. I will never drop it like that other guy.

    Please make it available by which allows large file storage.

    All i have is a Jpeg and those setups and rules. The jpeg does no help at all.

    .ai file would be great. make sure its full vector art.

  • Hey IL,

    The reason why no one had the vector file is because I never gave it to anyone.  The file I have is just the territories with names.  I never really got any of the details completed. 
    I think this global war variant map had some circle territories for cities which were added afterwards.  Plus all of the shoreline stuff was added to the jpg file and is not in the vector ai file.

    So my only problem is now that I cannot find my CS2 disk.  :?
    I just moved recently and have been scrounging through a bunch of boxes and can’t seem to find it.  Let me get this dug up so I can open the files I have to find a most current version.
    The file will be around 75 meg so I’ll also check into using a file sharing site.

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    ok great.

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