New Axis & Allies Global War Variant (free map)

  • Well, this is my first post here at these forums.  I’ve been working on a new map for the game for a while, and now that I’ve got the map done, I figured I’d share it and see what people think about it.  The map is based on the Supreme Command variant map, however I redid all the artwork to try and make it more pretty.  I also changed some territories, added the convoy zone system from A&AE and the air/naval base system from A&AP, added Italy as a full sixth player, and increased the number of victory cities to 20 total.  The map is designed to be played with the A&A:Revised rule set, though it would also work with any house rules you’d want to use.  I’m still working on sorting out the starting setup, but it will take some trial and error to get that right.  Anyways, here’s a link to a reduced version of the map for anyone who wants to take a quick look…

    If you like what you see, you can download the full, uncompressed map here…

    The above .zip file is about 17 megabytes.  If you print the map at 100dpi, it will be about 68 inches by 32 inches in size, and the symbols and icons on it will match the size of the symbols and icons on the official A&A maps.

    If anyone has any ideas for changes they think I should make to the map, let me know.  Also, if there’s interest, I’ll upload the Paint Shop Pro files for the map, so that anyone else who wants to can make their own edits to the map easily, since in the PSP files, the background colors, border lines, and text/symbols are in seperate layers.

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    I have seen your map before and let me be the first to say Bravo on such a beautiful piece of art and gamework… Although as of now I don’t have the means to print such a masterpiece I would definitely do so in the future…

    Keep it up!


  • Dude great job.  Really that is an awesome map and I plan on playing it as soon as possible.  The fact that your going to put it on the net for everyone to edit is sweet.  The only thing I would suggest is to change it so that France can be a player too.  A lot of people don’t like that idea, but I think it gives the germans more options.  If you need help with anything let me know.

  • May I ask what program did you use to do that?

  • Agreed.  P’nica really has an impressive map there.

  • Thanks for the compliments.  I used Paint Shop Pro 7 to make the map.  I working on figuring out the starting setup right now and putting together some nice looking printable country cards, and hopefully I’ll have it done in a few more days.  As for the big map I posted a link to before, if you downloaded it and were thinking of printing it, you might want to hold off, since I’ve made a few changes to the map since then.  I noticed a few typos, plus I noticed I was missing a victory city, and I made a few minor IPC value changes.

  • Wow! Great map, congrats.
    About what year is this map supposably from? 1941?

  • Yeah, I think 1941 is probably what I was going for.  I’m giving Germany a battleship in the Danish Sea, so it will definately be set before the Bismark was sunk, and the starting Japan setup is very similar to the Axis & Allies: Pacific setup, so it starts before Pearl Harbor.

  • I’d love it if you upload the files.  I’d like to create my own version (personal use only of course) thats a 1939 varient if your cool with that.  I have my own map but yours is just so much better.

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    It’s awesome man I want one  😞

  • have you ever considered making part of the sahara desert impassible?

  • Hey positronica, love your map.  Were you serious about posting your layered psp files.  I would love to work on a hex based version.  Let me know if you would be willing.  I have been working on a hand drawn version of a map from May 10th, 1940.  My dream is to play on a huge scale map.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Alternatively you can e-mail me at

  • all i can say is that Map is awsome but there are more territories so how would your units?
    would you get more?

  • That is an awesome map, I want one too. Can you make it available for download again?

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    I second that as well. but id like to see the rules for this varient?

  • i forward that i would like to see the rules and the set up chart

  • Sorry that I still haven’t gotten the final map posted yet, guys.  I’ve been real busy at work lately and haven’t had a chance to get it organized.  I’ve played one game on the map with some friends, and made a few changes to try to balance things out a little better.  I’ve also got pretty nice looking setup cards put together for all the countries.  All I really need to do is type of the special rules that pertain to this map and then zip everything up and post it again.  If I have time I’ll try to do it this weekend.

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    Ok great. just post what you got.

  • yeah thatd be awsome if you could do it by this weekend

  • Yeah! Really great, thank you! 🙂

  • All right, here’s my complete A&A variant, Axis & Allies: Global War.

    The varient includes a new map, new country cards, control markers for Italy, and a PDF file of the special rules that pertain to this map.

    This first link is just to a reduced size .jpg of the map, and is only so that you can get an idea of what the map looks like before you decide to download the whole variant or not.  (DO NOT PRINT THIS FILE.  The map is too small to play on, and the reduced size and JPEG compression make some of the text undreadable.  Download one of the .rar files linked to below if you want the full size map.)

    This next link is what you should download if all you want to do is play A&A:Global War.  The .rar file contains the map, the player cards, Italian control markers, and the rules PDF.  The images are all in .jpg format, however I set the JPEG compression at the lowest setting possible, so there shouldn’t be any noticable artifacts.  The total file size is about 23MB.

    This final link is what you should download if you plan on making any modifications to my variant.  The .rar file contains everything listed above, except that all the images are in .psp (Paint Shop Pro) format, and items within each file are still in seperate layers.  The images were saved in Paint Shop Pro 7.02, so you’ll probably need that version or newer to open the files.  You might also be able to open them in Photo Shop, but I haven’t tested that.  The total file size is about 74MB.

    If anyone has any comments, or if anyone plays this variant, I’d like to hear what you think.

    Feel free to redistribute or rehost these files anyway you want.

    Also, if any mods are reading this, feel free to delete my first post in this thread and point people to this post.

  • Positronica has just earned my vote in the next 4-5 major elections for this outstanding contribution!!!

  • I’m with Yemble, Positronica is DA MAN  :mrgreen:

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    What format is the file under? More succinctly: what program do i need to open each file?

  • @Imperious:

    What format is the file under? More succinctly: what program do i need to open each file?

    If you download the smaller .rar file, they’re just JPEGs, so you can open them in whatever you want.  In the larger .rar file, the images are Paint Shop Pro files.  You’ll need Paint Shop Pro 7 or newer to open them.  You might also be able to open them in a Adobe Photo Shop, since I believe both programs can open each other’s file formats.

    Paint Shop Pro used to be made by Jasc Software, but they got bought out by Corel a little while back.  It looks like Corel is now making Paint Shop Pro 11.  Corel has free trial downloads on their website.  The trial downloads for older version of Paint Shop Pro used to be fully functional expcet they had a 30 day time limit.  I don’t know if the trial downloads still work the same way, though, now that Corel is running things, but I think it might still be the same.

    Oh, and if you’re just asking about how to unpack the download archives, you can use WinRar which you can get at the link below…

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