I know that i am boring but please help me

  • if you can please help me with two more things:

    the first:

    Hearts gone astray
    Keeping up when they go
    I went away
    Just when you needed me so
    You won’t regret
    I’ll come back begging you
    Don’t you forget
    Welcome love we once knew

    ;is this ˝go astray˝ to wonder off or
    and what does than
    ˝Keeping up when they go˝means

    and the second one:

    I want to feel sunlight on my face
    I see the dust cloud disappear
    Without a trace

    -is the ˝trace˝ something like a clue, some remaining of something

    thanks  🙂

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    I think the “astray” is more of a growing apart, and now the person is trying to re-kindle it… That fits with “Keeping up when they go”, or the one of us is still here for our relationship even though it is dying…

    As for the second one, I think the without a trace refers to whatever the dust cloud was obscuring…

    I am not the best “poet” so please take it from others here but that is my translation…


  • GG has this one about right.

    Going Astray would be a sort of emotional infidelity… that you would begin to care for/love another.

    Without a trace means leaving no remnant beind… the ‘dust’ is completely gone as though it never existed.

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    LOL @ Amon-Sul…

    its like your doing his homework for poetry class or something LMFAO… 😄 😄 😄 😄

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