• I see much discussion on the boards about bidding.  Can someone explain it?

  • well we all have diferent views about overall strength and potentials of axis and overall strength and potentials of the allies.

    in the last site games the common thing was an axis 5-7 IPC bid

    -as i track those games in almost all the axis won, so :-)…

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    I see much discussion on the boards about bidding.  Can someone explain it?

    Bidding is a method used to even out the game.  Many people realize that the Axis are underpowered at the start of the game, primarily due to the rate of income for the allies.  In Axis and Allies Classic it was common to see bids of 25-27 IPCs for the Axis and those IPCs were immediately converted into units to be placed on the board BEFORE Russia’s first turn.

    5-7 Infantry in Ukraine was a common site.  It all but prevented Russia from taking Ukraine on their first turn and, if Russia and England did not play right, could cost the Allies the game in 3 or 4 turns.

    In Axis and Allies Revised we see bids much closer to the 7-9 IPC range, since much of the disparity of income was evened out on the new map.  Both Germany and Japan start earning more money (13 IPC more to be exact) and only America earns more money (6 IPC more) and the Axis start with more units then before and the prices have been adjusted to give players more aptitude for building different units without it costing the game.

  • So all the players bid, and the person with the highest or lowest bid is the axis?  Or do the players agree on a fair bid and go from there?  That is what I don’t understand.

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    Each team determines what they wish to bid and where they wish to place the units purchased by the bid.  The team with the lowest bid wins and place their pieces accordingly.

    In the case of a tie, one can use a coin flip to determine who gets the axis and who gets the allies.

  • You are basically saying,“If I have this bid advantage, I will play the Axis powers.”  Some people will have a live bid, where you bid back and forth, going lower and lower, until one side lets you have the Axis at the last bid.  Similar to the show,Name That Tune. (“I can name that tune in 4 notes.”  OK, name that tune.)  Others will have a silent bid, where you write your bid, and everyone reveals his/her bids at the same time.  Low bid wins Axis.

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    Problem with a live bid with online games is that it can take weeks just to determine who’s on what side. 😞

    I like to bid 33 IPC.  1 Battleship, 1 Transport, 1 IPC to Japan. 🙂

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