• I live in New Jersey, everything is more expensive. 8-12 dollars for a movie! Costs me 2$ in Phoniex.

    My teachers also expect people to have internet Access. Those who don’t basically have to stay afterschool for 1-2 hours in the Library every other day just the get around.

  • Wow, 8-12 dollars just to watch a bloody movie!?? What is this, some kind of world class entertainment theater? I’d be appreciative if you can give me the medium income and taxes you guys have to pay in New Jersey. Is your town fabulously wealthy?

  • Well, yes, my town is pretty wealthy. But where I see movies isn’t. It cost me 20$ for 2 Large cokes, a large popcorn, and a Sour patch Kids.

    Medium income?
    Those numbers are over 10 years old though.

  • Ha, a population of only 14,000. Talk about slim pickings.

    Wow, a per Capita Income of $27,262,
    Median Family Income $73,741, and a
    Persons in Poverty at 325. And this is 1989 without being inflation adjusted. You guys must have it made. But I think I rather stick with my high poverty and crime rates for cheaper goods. :wink:

  • I travel into the city when I am going to do some serious shopping to save money.

  • Salvation Army, Factory Outlet Stores, and Pawn shops in the inner-city always have good deals :smile:

  • Army-Navy Surplus stores!

  • Ha. You can find some really great stuff there along with present day army equipment and World War II issued collectables and antiques. For the most part, the Military has quality stuff, which goes to explain why my taxes are so high. :smile:

  • I love my Army surplus socks, when I go camping, I never leave without 4 pairs of them. Best socks I’ve ever worn, and cheap too.

  • I know. Those wool socks are really well done. Keep you warm all winter. Plus I had a leather army jacket for 5+ years. Really good quality and not much wear and tear. My father also has an Army watch (and this is standard issue!) for 30+ years and it never broke. Only have to replace the battery every 5 years or so. If there one thing I’m really proud of when it comes to “Made in the USA,” it has to be the military.

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