• Yanny, where are you getting that Utopian and Scientific are opposites? Obviously the literal meaning of the words aren’t opposite. College and SAT questions are a 12 year memory for me… does it have something to do with Marxism?

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  • Kinda…

    Utopian : Scientific.

    A scientific looks at facts, proof, and science to formulate a solution to a problem. Marx was a scientific.

    A Utopian looks at Human emotions. I can’t think of any real famous Utopians off the top of my head.

  • So wouldn’t a scientific be a realist and a Utopian be a romanticist?

  • Kinda, I think realist is a bad word. Romantic works well though.

  • Why is realist a bad word?

  • Becuase a realist would look at human emotions and facts together. A realist is a moderate.

  • I already took my SAT less than a month ago. i don’t want to think about it again!

  • I havn’t taken mine yet. Don’t feel like going down to register.

  • I hate america’s testing system. You have to spend way too much money just to take a test, let alone learn. The government should pay for standerdize testing, and corperations should own schools.

  • Personally, I don’t mind the standardized testing. But I don’t approve of people studying and preparing for them for years. I took the GEPAs (New Jersey Standardized Test) last year. We spent, without exaggeration, 2 months of doing nothing but preparing for the test. Why? The teachers got a raise when we came in 1st place in the state.

    Just walk in one day, give the test, no notification or anything.

  • Our teachers don’t really do anything. I agree that our testing is way too expensive. 75 dollars per AP test, forgot how much the SAT and ACT cost. Then you spend money on the books to study for them. Then it costs money to apply to a damn college. Something is screwed up about this system.

  • On 2002-05-16 22:29, Disclaimer wrote:
    Our teachers don’t really do anything. I agree that our testing is way too expensive. 75 dollars per AP test, forgot how much the SAT and ACT cost. Then you spend money on the books to study for them. Then it costs money to apply to a damn college. Something is screwed up about this system.

    exactly. it cost money jsut to have your skill assesed. that is a load of bull.

  • 75 dollars!? Not at my school! Now they raised it to 78! ;(

    And why must I pay 78 dollars to take a stinkin’ test!? Where does that money actually go to? Is this actually discrimination against those who can’t afford to take test and those who can? And don’t tell me this money saves you money in the long run. If you go to Mount Sac, classes on the same credits actually cost less than taking the test! Then there are the chances of scholarships… Beside, if you manage to pass a test with a 3 or 4, do you really want to skip that course? And compound that with the fact that a lot of UC Colleges will not accept anything less than a 5, and you see the odds are stacked against you.

    Plus, I’m sure we’re all higher thinkers here, so what’s the point of having our skills assessed on a standardized test? If anything, it’s telling us less to be free thinkers and be more like what the College Board wants us to be like. Our Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves!

  • It’s like in my math class, those who cannot afford a 120$ Graphing calculator (must all be Texax Instruments too, I bet the school has a deal with them) cannot do the Homework in Algebra II.

  • Well I think that the $120 dollar calculator is a tad sarcastic, but no doubt there is a sense of economic discrimination. I can get one at the local pawn shop new for $60-80. Now for Algebra II I never had to use a Ti. Yanny, what school did/do you go to? For the whole calculator situation, it’s similar in my calc course – about 1/4 of the class has a Ti (graphing), 1/4 has a Ti (scientific), while the other half has no calculator whatsoever (I live in ghetto environment, I know). However, rather than siding with the majority, the teacher gives test that are extremely sighted toward the Ti (graphing) students. Since graphing calculators give the advantage of solving derivatives, integration, and graphing (which makes up a LOT of calculus), those with calculators can finish test in 10-15 minutes (lots of simple-minded questions) while the rest of the class is racing to finish it before the bell rings. Worst, the teacher doesn’t ask to show any work, another blow to those who have to do their calculations manually by hand.

  • It’s a Public School. Our Alegebra II course is pretty advanced, basically an Honors course. About half the course is on a Calaculator, lots and lots of graphing. And the Calculator cost me 120$ from Staples, TI83+ is the model name.

  • Wow, I think you got ripped off, in California the Ti-83+ only cost around $80 - $70 if it’s on sale. But try getting the Ti-88 (might be the wrong number, but the graphing calculator one lower than that Game Gear looking Ti), that thing will do everything except cook you breakfast. And one half of a semester spend on graphing for an Algebra II course seems strange. Algebra deals much more hard numbers and equations; it is not until Trig do you really see the majority of your work centered on the Ti graphing feature.

  • Ha, it’s funny how much machines like calculators have taken over someone’s life. But what I really hate are Teachers expecting you to have access to high technology It provides such a disadvantage to those without it. I remember a few years ago when our teacher posted all the homework on his Internet website. Presumably this wouldn’t be a problem, but this guy would forget a lot of times to write the assignment on the board for everyone to copy. Compounding this was that only about 1/2 of the class had computers, much less the Internet. After the first semester and the amount of late or uncompleted work, Teacher X did finally relent on his order.

    Another problem was the computer issue. Every class had at least 2-3 computers, even questionable subjects like Math and Art, which hardly constituted the use of the computer at all. However, what the District did not take into account was the fact that they did not first bother to fix the air conditioning unit, the broken down chairs and tables, and the outdated and decaying textbooks (among many others) that actually might have done the students some good.

  • by the way - U of Ottawa medical school requires that students come with new laptops to classes. As if tuition in Ontario isn’t high enough (glad to be in Manitoba)

  • Yes, next all our teachers are going to expect that we have all our assignments and notes typed! :smile:

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