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Alternative Rules for D-day

  • Just to make playability more interesting anyone add any twists to it?  I came up with some ideas I might want to try

    -Maybe give the germans a fighter unit and trying to add it somehow. 
    -Give the Allies the option of where to land airborne units wherever
    -Give Allies the option of which beaches they want to hit so long as they are restricted to the same units landing in the first wave.
    -Give the germans the option of placing their initial units wherever they want.

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    I actually thought about this early off, but I never actually got it playable or tried it…

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    I should clarify what I meant… I actually got like 3 order cards done for options 2-4 and never really got it playable… It would definitely make it more interesting, especially if your men decide a lower rush on St. Lo… Where would the German Fighter come in? (order card wise)


  • I would play ther german fighter after the allied fighter cards probably.  I dunno how you would resolve any fighter combat.  It would be unrealistic tho since the german player would simply avoid the allied fighters.  dunno how i would fix that.

  • cant u have the german fighters strafe when the axis attack u could resolve fighter combat like reg combat but have it 3 or less

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