Grizzled veteran or heroes question

  • since heroes ignore face up disrupted counters do they simply ignore defensive fire against them?

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  • Heroes are not stopped by defencive fire, but they do not ignore it either.

    Special abilities such as Covering Fire and Flamethrower will still effect the Hero; so covering fire can prevent him from attacking, or Flamethrower can still destroy him immediately on three 6’s.

  • @Jennifer:


    grizzled vet is adjacent a non friendly and moves to another adjacent hex. since he is immune to the disrupted markers, can he still be stopped in his original hex by the defensive fire (ie it says immune to face up disrupted counters but defensive fire states to place a disrupted counter and stop the unit from moving in a hex chosen by the defensive firee)?

  • very good example without answer….

    A successful defensive-fire attack disrupts the target. Since disrupted untis can’t move, this
    normally ends that unit’s movement. Grizzled Veteran ignore face up, so it can move.
    If you are playing with Lethal Defensive Fire is another history.

    alt text

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