• Yes a plane can attack a sub, but the sub can´t attack the plane and if the sub survives it can submerge after the 1st round.

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    Submarines are considered to be on the surface of the water and thus can be spotted by aircraft (Fighters and Bombers).

    Fighters and Bombers may fire at the submarine, the submarine may not fire back.  However, should it survive the first round of engagement it may submerge and end the conflict.

  • but why cannot the sub be submerged all the time :-)

  • if i dont attack, if i only move it in noncombat shouldnt it be submerged

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    if i dont attack, if i only move it in noncombat shouldnt it be submerged

    No.  Submarines have to surface for exchange of air.  Most submarines only spent the minority of their time at sea underwater.

    You only submerge a submarine when you go under enemy ships, and then you surface again.  So all submarines begin the round on the surface. (Though I think if you submerge after getting attacked you remain submerged until your turn, thus no one else can attack it.)

  • well that nulifys some havoc that i wretched with my Australian sub considering lonely Japan transports

    thanks for the clarification

    maybe we should ask switch or some of experienced people(not saying you arent) for confirmation considering the other part of your reply about the defending sub

  • Jen and Rommel are right. Subs can be attacked by air but can submerge at the end of each combat round. If they choose to submerge they will stay submerged till the end of non-combat movement phase, in which they will re-surface. Meaning german subs can be first hit by british planes and then later american ones.

  • By the fact this rule isn´t that unhistoric like many people think.
    2nd WW subs really couldn´t stay submerged for a long time and they couldn´t submerge that deep.

  • I think A&A Pacific requiers a DST present to allow attacks by air on subs.  I think that is the source of the question.

    But in Revised, they are indeed on the surface at all times (cruising through the waves just like in Das Boot), and they ahve to rush to suberge when a plane comes along (allowing for that 1 attack by the aircraft).

    BTW:  Off Topic, but had to mention due to teh above reference…  In the movie Beerfest, Jurgen Prochnow does a great job of spoofing himself from his role in Das Boot.  But if you ahve never seen Das Boot, you will miss a LOT of the jokes…

  • Thanks all for the clarity.

    (Switch is right, you need a destroyer present in other A&A games).

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