US double IC

  • Abbandoning india im most games i play equals surrender.
    Germany always takes karrelika.
    Give japan india and Axis has 8VC = victory.

    So abbandoning india is not a viable move. Depending on the board you can counter germany in afrika on turn 2 so you wont lose afrika completely.

  • If you are playing 8 VC, then yes, you can’t abandon India, it is all that stands between you and losing.
    (that is why most folks play 9 or 10 VC)

  • Thread was basicaly about building 2 IC with the US with the added india IC to keep japan at bay.
    Handing over India does not work in that situation either because you cant contain japan if you leave the door wide open so the whole point in IC in asia with either US or UK is pointless and building these is the whole idea of this topic.

    Dont want it to turn into a 8VC vs drice to moscow games. But we can make a nice seperate thread for that if you like.

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