What armor setups in 100pt game r viable 4 germany?

  • Well what can I say Germany has some great tanks but if im playing in a 100 pt game im not a fan of putting 2/3rds of my points in one tiger. Lots of the german builds I see are mainly all infantry. But i love the tiger tank, is the Panther tank an alternative in a competive 100 pt play? Or what other armor setups have people found to work well for germany in 100 pt games?

  • SS Panther Ausf.g 59

  • I like the new Panther D (35 pts) & Brummbär (22 pts) with a handfull of SS Panzergrenadiers and a hamsfur, maybe a faust or 2… very fun

  • I’m not sure which panther you mean, but both are pretty decent. The Hetzers are usually pretty nice AT units because of the extra cover, speed, and low cost. It all depends on what type of army you want I suppose.

  • This got bumped from a long time ago lol… I think the Panther D solves my problems… too bad i dont own one yet! lol

  • I’m with Leiter.  Hetzers at 20 are decent. I haven’t used the 35 pt Panther but expect it would be very good.  Also what year are we talking about?

  • were talking about 100pt armor builds
    i fancy the new panther i have two and enjoy them on the battlfield

  • @The:

    were talking about 100pt armor builds
    i fancy the new panther i have two and enjoy them on the battlfield

    ya thats an option but i preffer a Brummbär to a 2nd Panther D b/c if they have a lot of infantry it can be tricky to kill them with the panther.

  • Understood on 100 point armor builds but the year makes a huge difference.  Is this just in general, or are you building for a specific scenario?

    Your initial question is a 100point armor build viable for the germans?  Just an opinion but, Yes. On earlier scenarios as you go up it will get harder and you will have to be more creative lets say 1943 and up (the allies just have good cheap stuff).  The 35 pt Panther(1942 I think) a brummbar(1943) and a Hetzer(1944) are all good.  The Brummbar is priceless against infantry and is fairly cheap 22.


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