Is this Legal?

  • The British fleet attacks the German fleet, and then amphibiously assaults Germany.

    The British bombers split up. Two of them assist the British fleet, and two of them attack the German land forces, flying over the sea zone where the battle happens, but not taking place in that. Is it legal to do that in one turn?

  • Yes.

    The only caveat is that the loaded TRN’s are actually present at teh time of hte naval battle.  So, if the UK gets their butts kicked, the Germans get to sink loaded transports, until the Brits retreat.

    And, if the Brits ahve to retreat from the naval battle, the BOMs sent to Germany have to attack for a round before they can retreat.

  • Good. I used to it to recover 100 IPCs that Germany had from the conquest of Moscow. I made sure that my fleet would win by sending those bombers in. I won easily anyways, and captured Berlin.

    Thank you for the answer.

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    Really, thought you could call off an attack at any time as the attacker.  To me that means you can call it off before rolling any dice.

    After all, wouldnt the bombers have been notified by radio that the amphibious assualt was sunk before entering the Baltic Sea and thus just turn around and go home?

    Dunno.  Rules be rules.  Just not how I read them.

  • Sorry Jen.  But once you move into combat, you have to conduct at least one round of combat before you can retreat.

    In the order of combat, retreat is later in the sequence, not first.  Thus you have to complete those portions of the combat sequence that precede retreat before you can retreat (opening fire, remove opening fire casualties, attacker rolls, defender rolls, remove casualties THEN press attack or retreat)

    The only exception (of course) are land units for an amphib if they all die in the naval battle, but that is only because they never actually were able to complete their move into Combat.  But those advanced air units that were sent in… those have to endure a full round of combat before they can fly away.

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    That’s a dumb rule.  You fix HBs so they arn’t game altering anymore, and can’t fix that one?  Sheesh!

    (You as in the world, not you specifically.)

  • It is a matter of timing…

    The air units are already on target as the naval battle is engaging.  They have already entered enemy air space.  So, if the amphib assault force is destroyed, the AF have to get out.  But the defender is going to get a swipe at you along the way.  At least you get to roll your attacks, instead of just taking a parting shot on your retreat.

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    I might see AA guns being in there, or CAP if you play with it, but I really don’t see what an infantryman in Paris is going to do about a fighter heading towards Normandy, especially if he turns around 1 mile in the air and flies home instead of diving to attack.

    But that’s just me.

    As I said in another threat, just because the rules seem idiotic, unfair and/or unjust doesn’t mean they arn’t the rules.

  • There is an enhanced realism rule set being worked on as we speak.

    But for the game, we work with the corrected rules that we have…

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    There is an enhanced realism rule set being worked on as we speak.

    But for the game, we work with the corrected rules that we have…

    Which is great and all, but I fear that it won’t be universally accepted like LHTR.

    Any work getting it accepted and standard operating proceedures for AAMC, Flames, DAAK and here?

  • Let them finish and do the playtesting first! LOL

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    Let them finish and do the playtesting first! LOL

    Why would I wanna be reasonable about that???  😛 :lol: 8-)

  • I should also mention that the enhanced realism rules are such a dramatic overhaul, that they likely will NOT replace LHTR.  It is a new game variant rather than a replacement rule set.

  • Yeah. The Soviets are worthless with them.

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