Question about the initial set up of a game

  • Hi folks,

    Quick question.

    When setting up a game I know you have to show your opponent all your pieces but do yo have to show Him / her the cards at first?  In other words.  They may know it is a powerful unit but not be aware of how powerful UNTIL YOU USE IT then the card and the units specifics strengths and weakness can be presented.  Or is it a simple and opponents can inspect your cards upon placement.


    Axis Fan

  • I personally would not object to my opponent checking out my cards in detail; the only thing I would say that you HAVE to do is tell him/her each unit’s build point values, so they can add them up and see that your army is not too large…

  • Your opponent has the right to see the cards for your units at any time.

  • Thanks Leader,

    That clears things up.  Game in 2.5 hours

    Axis fan

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