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  • Hi all.  New here, but well-respected in many places.  A reliable trader wherever I post…

    I currently have the following available for trade:


    S2-01 Kuomintang Machine-Gun Team (card ONLY)

    S2-06 Cavalrymen (Polish) (card ONLY)

    BS-04 KV-1 (pending in)
    BS-06 T-34/76 (pending in)

    BS-07 6-Pounder Antitank Gun (x 6 in stock [2 in bag]; x 3 pending in)
    BS-08 Churchill Crocodile (x 2)
    BS-11 Inspiring Lieutenant (x 6 pending in)
    BS-12 M3 Stuart (1 in stock; x 3 pending in)
    BS-13 Royal Engineers (x 8 pending in)
    BS-14 SMLE No.4 Rifle (1 card ONLY in stock; x 13 pending in)
    S2-15 Archer (1 in stock; x 5 pending in)

    BS-16 Bazooka (x 2 in stock; x 4 pending in)
    BS-18 M1 Garand Rifle (x 5; 1 additional card)
    BS-21 M4A1 Sherman (x 5)
    BS-22 M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight”
    S2-20 BAR Gunner (card ONLY)

    BS-26 Jagdpanther (x 2 pending in)
    BS-28 Mauser Kar 98k (x 3 in stock; x 2 pending in)
    BS-29 MG 42 Machine-Gun Team (6 in stock; x 2 pending in)
    BS-30 PAK 38 Antitank Gun (x5 in stock [1 in bag]; x 6 pending in)
    BS-32 Panzer IV Ausf. G (x 4 in stock; x 2 pending in)
    BS-35 Sd Kfz 251 (x 2 pending in)
    BS-39 SS-Panzergrenadier (x 3; 1 additional card)
    S2-27 Nashorn (pending in)
    S2-28 PAK 40 Antitank Gun (x 8 pending in)
    S2-35 Wehrmacht Oberleutnant (x 3 pending in)
    CS-28 Elite Panzer IV Ausf. D (x 1 in stock [in bag]; x 1 pending in)

    S2-36 Blackshirts

    BS-43 47mm Type 1 Antitank Gun (card ONLY)
    BS-44 Arisaka Rifle (x 2 in stock; x 1 pending in)
    BS-46 Type 89 Mortar (x 3 in stock; x 4 pending in)

    Below is my wants list.  These pieces are the quantites I’m seeking to have 100-points worth of each figure type.  I will consider other figures; feel free to offer.


    DD-01 Canadian Infantryman (x 6)
    DD-02 Eagle-Eyed NCO (x 😎
    DD-03 Sherman DD (x 2)

    BS-02 Renault R-35 (x 5)
    CS-02 Bold Captain (x 6)
    CS-03 Char B1-bis (x 2)
    DD-05 Somua S-35 (x 4)

    S2-05 7TPdw (x 7)

    CS-06 MB-13 Katyusha Rocket Launcher (x 4)
    CS-08 Cossack Cavalrymen
    DD-06 Hero of the Soviet Union (x 3)

    CS-14 40mm Bofors L60 (x 2)
    CS-17 Universal Carrier
    DD-09 Churchill AVRE
    DD-12 Hawker Typhoon
    DD-15 Sherman VC Firefly
    DD-16 Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I (x 3)

    CS-24 P-51D Mustang (x 3)
    DD-17 “Amtrack” (x 😎
    DD-18 “Buffalo Soldiers” (x 4)
    DD-19 Higgins Boat (x 12)
    DD-20 Lockheed P-38G Lightning (x 2)
    DD-22 M16 Half-Track (x 2)
    DD-23 M3 Half-Track (x 3)
    DD-25 Resourceful Hero (x 4)

    BS-31 Panzer II Ausf. C (x 6)
    CS-26 20mm Flak 38 (x 5)
    CS-27 BMW R75 (x 😎
    CS-29 Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind (x 3)
    CS-31 Junkers JU 87G Stuka
    CS-33 Messerschmitt Bf 109E (x 5)
    DD-26 88mm Flak 36 (x 3)
    DD-28 Focke-Wulf FW 190A (x 4)
    DD-30 Grizzled Veteran (x 5)
    DD-34 Messerschmitt Me 110 (x 2)
    DD-36 Sd Kfz 250 (x 5)
    DD-39 Veteran Wehrmacht Infantryman (x 5)

    BS-41 Carro Armato M13/40
    BS-41 Carro Armato M13/40 (data card ONLY)
    CS-39 Stalwart Lieutenant
    DD-40 L3/35 (x 3)

    BS-48 Type 95 Ha-Go (x 3) (1 pending in)
    S2-38 SNLF Captain (x 5)
    S2-39 SNLF Paratroopers (x 2)
    S2-40 Type 1 No-Hi (x 2)
    S2-42 Type 97 Chi-Ha (x 3)
    S2-43 Type 97 Te-Ke Tankette (x 2)
    CS-40 Mitsubishi A6M Zero (x 5)
    CS-42 Type 87 Armored Car
    CS-43 Type 89A Chi-Ro (x 11)
    DD-41 Honor Bound Hero (x 7)

    S2-45 R-2 LT-35 (x 6)
    CS-45 Vigilant Lieutenant

    DD-42 Barbed Wire (x 5)
    DD-44 Pillbox (x 9)
    DD-45 Tank Obstacle (x 3)

    I will consider all reasonable offers (don’t go offering commons and uncommons for Soviet tanks).  Priorities to offers of Rare figures, particularly D-Day Rares.

    Looking forward to receiving offers.  Thanks for your time.

  • What exact rare would you want for the KV-1 and the T-34/76?

  • @MechanizedWarfare:

    What exact rare would you want for the KV-1 and the T-34/76?

    Feel free to PM me an offer.  There’s typically room for negotiations.  But if you’d offer 6-7 Higgins Boats, I’d probably just take that straight away.  😄

  • Well I just traded my last good rare piece (a Pershing) to my friend.  Actually its more of an IOU, cause he didnt have a rare to trade with me, so hes going to owe me a rare later.  Im about to get more boosters next week so if I get a really good rare, then ill PM you back.  😉

  • i have a churchill avre that i am willing to trade

  • I wish I could be able to trade with you, but I can pay you instead.  How much money would you want for these units:

    BS-18 M1 Garand Rifle (x 5)
    BS-21 M4A1 Sherman (x 1)
    BS-22 M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight”
    7 units total


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